Well that was hard! my first plank every I did 25 seconds LOL!!! then I did two more after that – I find it hard to breath and count at the same time I think I need a seconds clock in front of me or something!!!

But wow I could SOOOO feel it in my tummy! It was a shock actually under all my chubbyness I actually have muscles there!!! Somewhere anyways!! BUT I FELT THEM! Thats a start!

So then I thought I would give CRUNCH’s a go – hmm how to make sure I’m doing it the correct way – thats the trick!

So I googled and came across this lady… attached is the link///

And watched it off my tablet whilst I was trying to do it myself (gosh I love this tablet)

First time I tried it I didnt think I was doing it properly

I did a total of 20crunches – YAHOOO and BOY I could feel it in my tummy muscles – I’m not sure if I am doing it right but it felt tight when I was completing the action and laying back down again. but my back was still on the floor I would say from the centre of my back down never moved – does this sound right?? I coudlnt pull myself up any more than that but I wasnt trying to do a situp so I hope I was doing it right lol!! Smile

Then I did my weights (thanks Nadene for the correct terms!)

15 pull overs
15 shoulder raises
15 bicep curls

then I repeated 2x more.

I then added another one – holding my arms out to the sides inline with my shoulder and bringing the weights together infront of me then back out again – OMG this killed me LOL I pushed really hard just to get to 10…. and that was it LOL

Well I just realised I shoudl try maybe google dumbell exercises and in 2mins I found this!

WHAT AN AWESOME SITE even has the top 10 and the actions in the pictures VERY COOL!!!

This was my dinner – I had left over chickpease so I made a chickpea salad with cherry tomatoes spinach and challots.
And Steak cooked in a non stick pan with a crusty topping which was rosemary and crushed pine nuts and corn on the cob cooked in the microwave for 5mins. Seriously quick meal once again! and I’m thinking it was healthy! Smile


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