Posted in February 2013

Keeping it simple!

Take a deep breath and remember this… Throw out all the food in packaging…. Your basic shopping grocery list would be the following greek yogurt cottage cheese Almond milk (I use full fat ordinary milk called A2) Rye Ryvita (I also use Rye Cruskits too!) nuts such as almonds and brazil. All fruits that you … Continue reading

The Brand NEW Jeans

Well on thursday last week I was cleaning out my wardrobe and as I pulled some clothes off the top shelf (ones that just dont fit YET!) my favourite dark blue pair of jeans that are brand spanking new fell onto my head! I looked at them and a sadness came to my face as … Continue reading

My new gift to myself….

Yes….. ok sooo I should have made sure I lost the 10kilos first BUT! I believe this will help me do it! I’m on a total loss of 9kgs at the moment and well the CMs are just dropping off!! Here is the pressie I bought for myself…($200) and here is the one my mum … Continue reading

still losing weight!!

Ok Losing weight! CHECK! Eating Clean! CHECK! Exercising……. UNCHECK – I’m sooooo angry about this as I really want to exercise btu for the last two days I havent been able to… My home business – finally the last of my orders – its tying me up and when I finally finish it I can … Continue reading

So today I had a good cry….

Yes – I got alllll emotional! But its because I got on the scales and I weight 113.5kgs – yes – 6.5kilos gone in 10days… and I’m so proud of myself – I’m actually sticking to it… so I have a good teary! (every girl needs one now and then right??) and I have realise … Continue reading

Skin Elasticity

Soooo yes.. I’m obsessed with my skin at the moment, I exfoliate with just gloves every night all over and then put on Bio Oil. and get to bed by 9-10pm. I keep myself well hydrated drinking 3L+ of water per day. Then once to twice a week I add in an exfoliating scrub that … Continue reading