This is it and this is me…. The start…


My beginning….

Ok so I have read what I can where I can about the new challenge I have set myself…

So before I give you a history of me – here is a little summary of me

YEAR 6 in school – I was 80kgs – I cant remember a day in school where I wasn’t harassed for my weight – but more about that later.. I have always been a depressed little over weight girl.

YEAR 8 – was in suicide mode couldnt take the bullying any longer – I dropper out of school and continued home schooling – my grades returned to an A+ student and I passed my School Cert with flying colours and have been working fulltime mostly since then.

2005 I met my future husband I weighed approx 90kgs and coudlnt believe someone coudl actually fall inlove with me a fatty I couldnt even love myself how could anyone else??

2006 we moved intogether my weight still hobbled around this 90 marks

2007 we got engaged.

2010 we were married – I put on weight every year and was around 115kgs when I got married. Moved to America in July for 18months – the food over here terrible and full of sugar

2011 my daughter was born came back to Australia for a few months to have her- suffered terrible morning sickness then after she was born weighed about 95 kgs – so I lost weight getting pregnant. Then went back to America… kept stacking on the weight…weighing approx 118 when I returned to Australia feb 2012.

November 2013 – Hubby gets told he is off to Afghanistan in Feb 2013 for 6.5months. I start thinking about what I can do to keep me occupied. and start psyching myself up about losing weight…

120kgs – I guess I can say now enough is enough.

Tomorrow hubby leaves for Overseas – and I hope when he returns he can see a major difference…

I’m so psyched up – I’m excited to start this new transformation.

So my first step after he has left tomorrow is….

STEP 1: Dispose of foods that are no longer Clean!

STEP 2: Take photos of myself – ARGH I’m dreading this!
I wont show photos on here straight away until the next photo when I see the difference – you see I fear and loathe the camera – because it tells the truth and I hate it – it makes me cry so much.

STEP 3: Take measurements

STEP 4: Put up all my inspirational photos and words on my walls.

STEP 5: take a deep breath – this is going to be a new beginning for me a new start.

I have changed some things that I wont be able to cut out and other things I have completelt cut out as I NEED to see a dramatic weight loss…

What am I worried about…

excess skin…

I’m in a bit of a dilema – if I dont see dramatic results I wont stick to it… But if I do lose weight dramatically then I will have excess skin…. I have done alot of research on excesss skin and weight loss – more about that soon! I will definately do a dedicated post to that – perhaps tomorrow – if you have any info you would like to share with me please feel free to comment!!

I hope you can join me on my journey I need all the help I can get…..


One thought on “This is it and this is me…. The start…

  1. Kiera!!!

    You are such an inspiration to all of us!
    So proud of how much you have achieved and how strong you are.
    Your hubby is going to be in shock!!!

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