Day before Day 1

So today is D Day the big decision……..

The big decision to change my life, I have just arrived home from dropping hubby off at the airport for his trip to Afghanistan for 6.5months – god I dont know how I’m going to survive that so I have decided to put my focus on me…

Step one – TEMPTATION –
Removing any temptation from within my house – I’m incharge 100% of what I want in here and can get rid of all the goodies hubby loves!

Step two – MEASURING –
Record all my measurements – I have NO IDEA how to do this so I’m going to google and get back to you if you have any ideas please post below.

Step three – PHOTOGRAPHY – ok I hate – despise, detest cameras and seeing photos of myself – if I think I look ‘ok’ in something and then I see a photo of myself god reality hits me and I never want to wear that piece of clothing again for the rest of my life! So I’m usually the one behind the camera. – So I have a DSLR – with a tripod and a remote control – I’m going to set it up take photos and then I’m not going to move it and keep taking photos in the same spot and position to record my progress – hopefully wearing the same clothes until they get too big for me anyways!!! This way I dont have to look at the photos until I’m ready.

Step four – MOTIVATION –
So now that I’m feeing really crappy about myself as I have just taken horrible photos and had a good cry I’m now going to remind myself WHY I want this – I cant afford it this week but I’m going to buy myself a Lorna Jane outfit in size 12 – I have NEVER been a size 12 – so that will be a huge goal for me. Then I’m going to print out loads of hot pictures of girls from the net etc that I would love to achieve – this isnt going to be my ideal body BUT If I can get a flat/flatter tummy in the next 6months then I am looking forward to it. Then I will see about abs etc in the future – ! But thats a long ways down the track for now LOL SmileAlso lots of motivational sayings and poems are going to be going up all over my house today! Smile

Step five – EXERCISING –
My plan of attack for exercising. I have a daughter so before I eat anything in the morning I’m going to go for a 45min- 1hr walk in the morning on an empty tummy, then end up at a park for my little one to have a play – this way she will look forward to going out in the pram as she LOVES parks. I have also bought some dumbells, I have started with 2.5kgs – I’m quite strong but I don’t want to build muscle so I’m going to keep my reps above 15-25 lots not sure how many per day yet… I also have just purchased a cross trainer so I want to do a good 40mins to 1hr on that per day but I’m not sure when to fit that in?? like what time of day would best suit – I was thinking when my daughter has a nap which is around 3/4 o’clock if I’m lucky – that way I can finish that then have a shower and then prepare dinner.

Step six – SKINCARE –
because I’m so morbidly obese I’m so very scared of excess skin so I have done some research. because I’m under 30 my skin elasticity can still bounce back if I help it along – doing this with a gentle all over exfoliation and also using a cream/oil to help the elasticity – Bio-Oil is my choice I have done the research for me and myself so this is what I’m choosing. My skin cells grow new ones ever 25days so I’m going to do a weekly treatment to help along the process and getting rid of the older skin cells and then by putting the oil on after my exfoliation is complete there is no point applying cream/oil without exfoliating because you are just putting the cream/oil on a layer of dead skin cells and it wont break through. (this is what I have read online I have more research to do)


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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