End of Day 1

so I woke up late to my little girl, we got dressed into our FBW gear and off for a FBW we went – only got to do 48mins qhich was disappointing as I ended up at shops I needed to get some things at but that was ok as we walked to the park and then home – This was approx 4 kms

When I got home I showered and got dressed and wasnt feeling like anything to eat… so I ate a banana – and drank about 1/2 litre of water whilst I was preparing my daughters breaky

BREAKFAST:then I was hungry so I had some Oats with milk zapped in the microwave – YUMMMMM….!

No tea or coffee but lots more water!

Then today I did lots of grocery shopping – headed to Aldi, Coles, and Veggies Shop to get all my new clean goodies to fill up the cupboards with!

Then I headed to the chemist, picked up my Vitmain D, Glucosomine for my sore ankles and knees from carrying so much weight and also my lovely fish oil!! Chemist Warehouse have a massive sale on right now and if you spend over $30 you get $10 cash back! So yes I spent over $30 LOL was easy !

LUNCH:Then for lunch I wasnt too hungry so I had tinned Pink salmon with freshly cracked pepper mixed with corn kernals from a small tin can, small cherry tomatoes and a handful of grapes.

Then the day got a bit busy again for me – drinking lots of water – geee it was a hot day!

I really didnt feel like eating dinner – so I had it a bit later it was just too hot…
Then again I started my day late had breaky at 10am lunch at 3pm and dinner at 7pm

DINNER: For dinner I threw 100g chicken in a wok with a tiny drizzle of olive oil (going to give that a miss next time) some freshyly minced ginger 1/4 tsp and 1tsp Garlic Minced, chopped up corianders just a few pinched fresh leaves and a quick dash of soy sauce as I know its really salty – threw in two handfuls of mushrooms and cooked till chicken was done and mushies were temder (feel free to omit mushrooms) Then I boiled the kettle with a full jug and drowned my Bok Choy till it turned bright green(I think thats what its called) in it I used a full one they usually come in packs of 3 – actually now thinking about it it could be pak choy LOL! Smile Oh well guess I wont know till next time I’m at the market – Then I have bag loads of steamed veggies $2 for a 3pack at aldi and they come in 2 diff types tonight I had Broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. steamed

Anyways I enjoyed it and I’m sooooo tired from today – its just been hectic I hope tomorrow is a bit mroe relaxing now I’m going to have a shower exfoliate – use some bio oil and off to sleep!

See you in the morning Ladies!!!



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