Can I get a ‘hell yeah!’

SOOO my migraine WENT !!! YES!!!

Magically disappeared about 1/2hr before I put my daughter to sleep

Then! I got on my cross trainer – did 30mins fast and slow (I think they call it HITT training or something!) But anyways I love my tablet – I put it ontop of my cross trainer screen and played my workout video playlist!


Then I didnt want to over do it so I got off had a little stretch then done some weights….

(If someone can give me the proper names for these movements PLEASE yell out! )
I sound like a total douche not knowing what they are

So this is what I did with my 3.5kg set of dumbells

One single dumbell up and down my back with arms over my head x20
Starting at my sides Both dumbells then lift them at my sides till my shoulder height x20
Starting at my sides Both dumbells slowly bring up infront twisting till they are at my chest and down again x20

then Repeated – I could have probably done another repeat but I will see how my arms are tomorrow I dont want to push myself to the point I cant do anything the next day lol Smile Also if you have any other dumbell movements I can do that will work my arms and shoulders please let me know and describe below as names dont mean anything to me haha Smile

I feel sooooo refreshed now yay!!

I say Bring on Tomorrow B!t$H hehehe

(forgive my naughty words if it offends you) its my attitude ONLY towards weightloss Smile


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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