Ok so yesterday I had a nasty migraine lasted all day I even had an hr sleep trying to shake it but did not happen.

I still ate clean I just barely left my room I couldnt stand upright for too long

its hard with a 20month old who is very active and doesnt sleep thank god she had a nap so I was able to get a quick snooze in.

then this morning I was hoping to wake up fully refreshed but now… its still there!! I have already drunk a litre this morning of water if I have any more I will be sick LOL Smile

But the good news is I have lost weight yay!  not alot but if I had exercised both days I probably would have lost more!

Hopefully my migraine goes away soon! I know its from withdrawels I just have to stick to it… All the crap is gone from my body and now I need to get used to the new me 🙂


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