Map My walk… YES PLEASE

End of week one summary:

How better to hold yourself more accountable in the mornings than to map your walk – how did I not know about this!! I had this brilliant idea this morning and thought hmm maybe I should google as there has GOT to be an app out there and ta dah my new best friend!!! Click on the orange icon to find out more if you havent got it yet ITS A MUST!!! I dont have an iphone I have a samsung tablet and it works like a charm!

Attached is my map route from this morning! Good Eh! (well not my route maybe but the stats! I love it) gives you all info you need I love the stats too, where, distance, speed etc! so I did 5.6kms in an hr ! pretty please with myself but I know I can do better some of that I went slower as I wasnt on a pathway pushing a pram I went offroad in my jogger LOL!! (one day I actually hope to use this as a jogger pram not just walking!

ANYWAYS MORE GOOD NEWS – half a kilo AGAIN gone foreve thats a total of 4 kilos in 6 days! OMG Im soooo estatic


I TOOK PHOTOS THIS MORNING! I can NO way in hell post them up till I lose a bucket load of weight (literally!)

BUT I DID IT!!! I have achieved my goals for this week!!! I ate clean ALLL WEEK LONG even on the weekend..


Thanks to all the lovley ladies on here for their support too I need it and from you I have it! So BIG GIANT thankyou xxxxxx Cant wait for the new week tomorrow to begin!! YAY Smile


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