120kgs to 114.5kgs in 1 WEEK! Today is start of Week 2

OMG OMG OMG – the biggest smile on my face when I hopped on the scales this morning!

Seriously I came running and jumping and dancing through the house!

5.5 kilos gone!!!! How is this possible?? Really yesterday morning it was 4kilos ? thats 1.5kgs overnight?? that doesnt make sense??? or maybe it does??

What did I change yesterday….

I went for an 1hr+ walk – (first TRUE FBW) I came home had a meat and nuts breakky.

Then I had some grapes then for lunch I had 2 ryvitas covered in avacado and tomato and pepper (I know 4 is a meal but I coudlnt fit it in)

About 2 hrs after lunch I jumped on my cross trainer for 30mins – then did my weights routine (see previous blog)

Then within about 20mins I was hungry so I ate a banana and some nuts about 10 almonds

Dinner I had 100g chicken covered in cajun spices tsp of yoghurt ontop and a big pack of veggies had broccoli carrots and corn – was delish!

Really 1.5kgs… …. I have to go jump on the scales again.. BRB

YES still 114.5kgs !!! YAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Smile

14.5kgs to go to reach my first goal!!!

SOOOOO week two what am I gong to try and achieve…

1HR FBW MORE THAN 3 TIMES THIS WEEK (last week I only did 2 and one moring on the cross trainer!!)
WEIGHTS EVERYDAY – twice a day if I can
CRUNCHES – at least 15 (I can do 10 atm) if I cant do 15 then 2*10
PLANKS – I can hold till 25secs – try to make it to 30 and get a clock to watch
LUNGES – I have heard of these and swats need to investigate and find out more and put up a starting position for them.


SO I can walk into a clothing store like Lorna Jane and KNOW they will have my size in whatever I want!

So I can sit on a chair and cross one leg over the other like a lady and not feel uncomfy (you wont understand this until your a bigger girl)

So I can run around with my daughter and keep up with her

So I can have more confidence and better sex with my hubby due to no confidence (yes I know maybe too much info but its the truth!)

I want to be sexy and I want to have awesome lingerie

I want to wear my cowgirl boots with short denim shorts and a sexy white shirt (NEVER have I EVER put on shorts NEVER!!!!) No Joke! (and yes I’m a country girl who rides horses and loves the outback – travels with her dog and her ute around aus lol Smile so shoot me ! Smile

I’m so glad I have this forum and girls for those of you thinking why wont this happen to me!!! (Because this is what I was thinking a few months ago when I first joined the plan but to be honest I wasn’t ready then – I have psychologically trained my brain and thought about how I’m going to do things all the time – it took 3 months preparation telling myself I can do this and I will do it!


Tell yourself YOU KNOW YOU CAN!!!! not can I, should I What if I ?…. TELL that fat to F#$K OFF FOREVER!……. really!


I HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO BUT BABY STEPS!!!! Set a long term goal – then a monthly goal then a weekly one!!


hugs to all xxxx


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