I love numbers that go downnnnnnn!! :) YAY!

well I have never measured myself before so at the very start on day one I measured myself (last week)(I cant bring myself to put up the numbers yet – god give me strength and courage LOL!! Smile

BUT yesterday start of week two I did the measurements again…..

Now I dont think I’m doing anythign wrong but…. here is the results!!

1cm down on my neck
no change on my underarms
4cm down on my boobs (bugger LOL!)
7cm above my belly button
4cm below belly button
7cm off my thigh?? (I think I may have taken a wrong measurement here seems massive difference!)
4cm off my calf

so I’m assuming this is good!! i have no idea what peopel mean though when they say I have lost 15cms!or 27cms! that must be dramatic change!

So this is what I had for breakky yesterday (this is my meat and nuts breakky with an egg LOL Smile (Portuguese spiced chicken)

My vitamin supplements include

3 fish oil tablets
1 calcium tablet
1 iron tablet
1 Vitamin D tablet
1 Glucosimine (for my creaking bones knees and ankles – from carrying too much weight)
1 Multivitamin


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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