So today I had a good cry….

Yes – I got alllll emotional!

But its because I got on the scales and I weight 113.5kgs – yes – 6.5kilos gone in 10days…

and I’m so proud of myself – I’m actually sticking to it… so I have a good teary! (every girl needs one now and then right??) and I have realise dnow my ways of thinking have changed if I can do extra exercise now I will for instance instead of taking the elevator with a pram or shopping trolley I go up a ramp!

Today I was soooo starving for something… and I was desperate I was craving healthy (your hear that?? yes me too I cant beleive I’m actually saying it… craving healthy! Weird!) ANYWAYS I had a boost juice… and ZOMG they are lovely! I had a 2 and 5 Juice with chia seeds… it was sooo yum! No additvies TOTALLY fresh.. I sooo need to get me a juicer!!

113.5kgs…. boy I havent been this weight in a couple of years… how sad! and in 10days my life has changed already!

I feel happier,


more vibrant, MORE ACTIVE!!!

I’m sooooo glad I joined this forum. It REALLY helps keep me motivated. I’m busy the next few days with making customer quilts BUT I really hope I can try and fit some exercise in !!

I have not cheated at all, not taking in anything… SOOO I have to confess my mums birthday is coming up and I’m driving up to Sydney from Melb for 4 days – she is keen on eating clean with me too but her party day will be a no no I know there will be bad food sooo instead of going all out and pigging out like I normally would I’m going to vow to really control what I eat as I really really want to reach 110 before the end of this month!!

I hope everyone else out there is having a fab time! Smile

I really missed my hubby yesterday, I miss him everyday but I know with valentines day we would have taken a nice stroll along the beach or done something special together. *sigh*

Anyways need to start my lunch!! Smile



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