still losing weight!!


Losing weight! CHECK!

Eating Clean! CHECK!

Exercising……. UNCHECK – I’m sooooo angry about this as I really want to exercise btu for the last two days I havent been able to…

My home business – finally the last of my orders – its tying me up and when I finally finish it I can go HARD !!

I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOo excited to finish this clients order so that I can get back into it – I’m actually really bummed I dont have the time… ARGH!

SOOO the client picks up on Thursday .. I will show you a pic when its done…

Then I’m thinkin about increasing the time it takes for me to complete these custom orders so that I’m able to exercise… Usually hubby is home and I can get my sewing time in then because he watches my daughter but because he is away I just have been stripped of time….

At least I can exercise with my daughter!! I love this – I love we can get out go walking and get to a park… !!!

SO This week I will be happy that im still eating 100% clean!

I have also created 2 pages – 1 – weekend walkathons – where you can join in on the weekends and walk for 1.5hrs and keep track of your distance walked… and 2. Fitness inspiration and motivational page where I will upload quotes pics etc to keep us all inspired!!


7.2kilos lost in 13 days Still happy but could be better with exercise!!!! Still kicking myself! Hope to see a major improvement next week!!! Smile Smile Smile


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