My typical Day for eating/exercising…

Hellooooooooooo girls ! ok so I have recieved quite a few pms from you all asking me what my typical diet/food includes..I know I’m not looking like Ashy Bines yet (lol tens of kgs to go – but its working for me so I thought I would share)

I will put a new line for a different option I may choose

Oats and milk – yes full fat (FF)
Meat and Nuts

Smoothie banana, greek yoghurt and FF Milk
Boiled Egg and Almonds
Just almonds

100g Meat and whatever veg/salad I feel like
Ryvita with a topping (such as) Avacado and chicken and tomato

I dont really have an afternoon snack I usually have an ice cold lemon green tea (a jug full is made up in the fridge)

Dinner (I have an early dinner) around 5pm

Meat/veg with spices (my meat is lean 5star mince, minute steak 100g or Chicken thigh 100g or chicken breast 100g)
Meat/salad with avacado or something
Fish/Salad and spices etc

Not a dessert person at all but if I feel like a sweet treat I will have my pure innocence recipe (you can find in my blogs) nice for a choccie craving too.

I drink always 3L plus of water I have 2x 1.5L bottles of water and I make sure I drink both before the day is out.

Vitamins/supplements – I take these to give my body an extra boost – I’m trying to put all of these in my diet too in my vegies and salads I’m tryng to get the dosage I need out of my diet once I have settled into a good routine and know alot more about vegies etc I wont need to take these but atm my body needs most of these. The othes I choose to take because I feel I’m weaker in those areas or believe from research my body needs that extra bit.

I take the following:

vitamin D
vitamin C
‘hair skin and nails’

My workout

FBW in the morning at least 1hr plus I then end up at a park with my daughter (keeps her happy and wanting to come out with me again the next day) Then I walk home an extra 10-15mins from the park

Cardio – I do 30mins on my crosstrainer of HIIT training – High Intensity Interval Training. Going as fast as I can then catching my breath and slowing down a bit then fast again – usually 2mins to 30secs ration.

My weight Session includes a few sets with 3.5kg weights – just beginning will add more sets soon I approx do 3*15 sets of each routine (at the moment I have 4 routines)

I then try and do a comfortable amount of crunches and when I cant do anymore I do 2 more! Smile

I then do 3 planks of 25-30secs.

and thats it! But I want to include some intense cardio workouts from and when I start into this and find good beginners videos etc will let you know how I go – I have found a few already just figuring out where I want to start…

Next on my list to buy for my home gym – a skipping rope!! Not to do peppers LOL just to skip gently with high knees etc. Smile

Hope that helps you girls!


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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