I now have internet AGAIN YAYYYY!!!!!

ok so now I’m going to catch you all up on the goss of whats been going on with me!!

Well last Wednesday my internet just went kaplunk… yes I know I DIED!!!!

Well I’m still here so I didnt really die BUT ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!

I drove up to Sydney (from Melb) on Friday left 3am and I tell ya normally I would have maccas for breakky and maccas for lunch or something else yucky dirty for lunch but I didnt!!

I filled up on all these healthy goodies! I had apples and celery and hard boiled eggs and raw carrots! I felt very proud – even my daughter ate most of the goodies above but she also has cold ravioli pasta and little boy hotdoggies!

SOOOOOOOOOO while I was in Sydney this is how it went…

FRIDAY – ate a mince and bean mix for dinner
SAT – went and had a coffee at maccas then when and got my hair done then had a chicken and salad Lunch I made my lovely fav snow peas and chicken dish with some chickpeas. and then for dinner …. HERE IT COMES…. Pizza….. UGH…. BUT!! I controlled myself even with this! I usually have 4 maybe 5 slices of pizza- 5!!!! I tell ya! But I ate 2 and only 2… I could have eaten a 3rd but we popped it in the fridge and I never felt like it after!! So just goes to show if you feel like it you may not always NEED it.
We had this so that mum could have some bad junk on her Birthday which is next Day.. we had to celebrate it a day earlier as my dad was going into surgery on monday and had to fast…

SOOOOOO Sunday – mums Birthday – I felt a bit bloated and crook from the pizza.. yuck! and then it was all about mum today soooo I cooked a delicious cooked breakky for her and my sis and her bf and I juse had Scrambled eggs… that was it and I was soo proud – I normally LOVEEEEE Bacon…. but I really didnt feel like it!

Lunch we had ryvita and smoked salmon YUM. and for her birthday dinner we were a bit naughty! we had oysters mornay… 6 each – and then we had a lovely hot chilli tomato mussle dish – which we pretty much just ate the mussels and the sauce was made from scratch not a jar so we knew what was in it.

Dessert we had fruit salad as mum was sort of getting hooked on my clean eating talks – hahaa I think by the end of it she was kinda over it ahaha!!!!

Monday we ate clean until the night again! it was just me and mum and so we ordered indian… ARGH!!!! Anyways we had a little bit of it – very controlled and put it in the fridge. Next day mum threw it out she didnt feel well and was sick of feeling bloated after all the crap going into her body…

Soooooo I ate bad – 2 slices of pizza, 6 oysters mornay, plate of indian (no rice though)

Anyways that weekend I treated myself and (also for mum) a pressie each! Stay tuned to find out more in my next blog!


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