My new gift to myself….

Yes….. ok sooo I should have made sure I lost the 10kilos first BUT! I believe this will help me do it! I’m on a total loss of 9kgs at the moment and well the CMs are just dropping off!!

Here is the pressie I bought for myself…($200)

and here is the one my mum bought…($100)

now to be honest…after using mums and using mine I would have been just as happy with the $100 dollar one!! Just goes to show you dont always need to spend the extra $$$$s which we all dont have..! BUT! hindsight is a wonderful thing!!

and I’m inlove with Phil – he is a sexy beast! Greets me each morning with a super dooper fresh juice… and I love it!

This is my fridge and freezer……..

I’m thinking about writing out a shopping list of things I buy but I thought I would just say ask if you want to know what anything is!! My fridge is just full of fresh everything and my freezer is snap lock veggies in a pk of 3 that I have opened up (you can buy these from Aldi for $2 a bag or Coles for $2.50ish) havent looked in woolies! and my minute steaks of 100gs and my chicken thighs and breasts in 100g estimates.

and some frozen berries for smoothies or my ‘pure innocent’ dessert (see older blogs for recipe)

Anyways I have been juicing away.

For those who think juicing gets ride of all the nutrients…… Well… as soon as you cook or steam or heat a vegetable you are already killing live enzymes and nutrients…

For me Juicing is giving my body EXTRA nourishment that I have been craving for.. its NOT a meal replacement for me – its a snack or if I’m too hot to eat it helps me I drink it and then on the side add some nuts or something. I will do a more dedicated blog to juicing one day but for now google Jason Vale and just watch a few of his youtube hits you will be hooked and truly its that easy….!!

I am soooooo addicted! Smile I have 1-2 fresh juices a day and the unbelievable factor is… THEY TASTE SOOO DARN GOOD! yes fruit has sugars …but its all natural too! Smile


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