The Brand NEW Jeans

Well on thursday last week I was cleaning out my wardrobe and as I pulled some clothes off the top shelf (ones that just dont fit YET!) my favourite dark blue pair of jeans that are brand spanking new fell onto my head!

I looked at them and a sadness came to my face as I remembered I purchased them just a daggy kmart pair size 18 Dark blue denim with diamontes on the butt pockets – I brought them home a few months ago as hubby liked them … went into the bedroom to try them on and couldnt get them over my thighs… OMG I was totally devastated…size 18 and they didnt fit!!! SO I threw them up into the top of the cupboard and forgot all about them… even hubby did!

But…. THURSDAY… wellllllllllllllllll I thought to myself… well why not you will see how much you need to lose I guess….

AND OMGGGGG THEY FIT … straight up and on and button up! Perfect and even for a size 18 butt my ass looked hella good in them!!! and OMG I had 3 men check my bum out when I walked from my car to the servo! I havent had this for a year or two! must be cause I’m always in daggy leggins so I can hide Unhappy BUT THEY LOOKED! and I felt damn good! Smile

But… the sad thing is… hubby wont ever get to see me in these jeans… cause by the time he gets back… THEY WILL BE TOO BIG!!! and oh well I will just have to use his wallet to go get me some more!! heheheh!!!!

fdhjhsuvknldhsvufmehnavfudlsnahdlusanf <<this is me just a wee bit excited Smile Smile


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