10.7kms in 2hrs 12mins yay!!

Oh hell yes -I’m loving this sore feet with blisters and all!

So i was walking into unknown territory and discovered a bunch of beautiful lakes so i decided to walk around them saw another lady in the opposite direction coming towards me and asked her if it was possible and for directions – sadly she turned to me and the first thing she said was oh its about 6.6 perhaps 7kms so i said thats ok i just need directions. With a suprised look on her face she told me the directions and then i was on my way!
Thinking about it on my walk i did feel a tiny bit upset that she thought i was incapable of it or perhaps she was thinking of my little one in the pram? Who knows anyways it made me more determined to do it!

And i did it total from my house 10.7kms and i loved every minute i did it in 2hrs and 12 mins but had to stop now and then to give my daughter snacks and fruit and water etc but i have set 2hrs as my next goal for this walk! So came home and stretched it out and am now enjoying a apple celery broccoli spinach lemon lime and ginger juice yum!!!!!!

In about 20mins i will have a meat and veg dish then speak to ky hubby for 15mins at 2pm yay its my highlight geez i miss him so much he has been away for a month on the 5th march and has 5.5 months till he retuns home BUT i have good news he comes home in around 115days for a 2 week holiday so i have about 4months to kick this fat outta here!

So this afternoon after talking to hubby im going to do my 30mins cardio on the xtrainer then go and do my weights then another 30mins on the xtrainer!

I am also trying to get my nintendo wii setup so i cando some more fun activities later in the evening after dinner

I have to smash this girls i really really need too!


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