My Shopping List of Goodies

My shopping list – I usually go with this list in mind and then sometimes through the week add extra fruit and veg etc…

This is specifically for juicing
Apples x 30 Golden Delish or Gala
Ginger x 1 chunk maybe a 300g lot? Lasts a good while.
Lemons x 6 (lasts ages anyways and your next shop you can add)
Limes x 5 (lasts ages anyways and your next shop you can add)
Celery 2 bunches (I also feed my rabbits too lol and eat it raw)
Carrots x 1kg
Broccoli – I only use the stems for juicing and the florettes for eating raw or lightly steamed.
Oranges x 5
Mangos x 5
Strawberries x 2 punnets
WaterMelon x half
RockMelon x half
Cucumber x 3
Capsicum (peppers) x 5

Other Veggies/Fruit I get for myself
Bananas x bunch
Snow Peas x bag full
Zucchini x 3
Pumpkin x sml piece
Sweet Potato x 2
Sweet Corn – I usually strip these straight away cut in half and wrap up in glad wrap and stick them in the freezer.
Onions – smll bag
Mushrooms – 1/2 bag
Avocados – 6

Frozen Veggies 3 pks


Cottage Cheese – I have bought this but not used it yet.. have had no need yet.
Greek Yogurt – I LOVE Black Swan from IGA – but the full fat – I think you can get it in coles but its not full fat. DO NOT Get LITE – No Fat etc.. really stick with full fat! Smile
Milk – Ashy uses Almond Milk – I prefer Full Cream I usually spend a little extra and get A2 for myself and a normal full cream for my daughter.

Biscuits/Snacks etc
Rye Ryvita
Rye Cruskits
Brazil Nuts
Pine Nuts (LOVE)
Rye Wraps – Mountain Bread is the best.

Chick Peas
Kidney Beans
5 Bean Mix

Spices etc
Minced Garlic
Minced Ginger
Green Thai Paste
Tamari Sauce (or Soy Sauce – Tamari is better for you)

Thai Seasoning
Cajun Seasoning
Portuguese Seasoning
Moroccan Seasoning

Treats for myself

Natvia – Lasts forever – I use this only in my green tea special blend juice
The Sugar Free Chocolate that I use in my Pure and Innocent Dessert – mixed with yogurt yummmmm

Smoked Salmon
Flat Head Tails

Chicken Thighs or Breast in Bulk from Aldi
Minute Steaks 4 for $6 roughly in Coles
5Star Mince 2 for $13 in Coles

If I’m going to cook fish I usually buy it on the day apart from Smoked Salmon that I get in the packet.

This is what I have loved eating and doing – Ashys Plan is fantastic but I have changed a few things in it such as the milk to full fat etc because this is what will work and has worked for me – I needed something I’m going to stick to for life..

This is also from memory so I will add things and post a comment when updated.

I go and shop at 4 shops.

Veggies Shop first – This is usually around $45
Aldi – whatever veggies I cant get and carrots are cheaper at Aldi Plus the nuts like Almonds cheaper here cottage cheese and their greek yogurt is ok but IGA is better (Salmon is good here too). $80
Coles for the rest of my snacks like ryevita/cruskits/nuts/dairy and minute steak and mince $50
IGA for my Greek Yoghurt $10.00

This Shop lasts me (just one adult) almost 2 weeks – will let you know how I go though.

I live withint 10-15mins walking distance of all these shops so I pretty much shop every few days…though in my big shop I also have to get tins of formula and also dog food and other household items etc lol but I wont bore you with that stuff! Smile


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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