Dear Exercise…

Today I kicked your mother$#%$#ing butt from here to timbuktu!

I so killed today and I feel absolutely fabulous!

I had an awesome sweatout! and drank loads of water – hell yeah I can do this!!

I’m so damn excited!!!!!!

Yours Sincerly

Chubby Mummy
(aka soon to be skinny minnie!)

Today I bought myself a little $50 6 pack Zumba and a brand new skipping rope!! Just so I can push myself harder tomorrow!! 3hrs of exercise today and I aced it and I know I aced it because I’m sore, out of breath and just totally adrenalin pumped!

and to all my girls out there I love you to pieces your support is just AWESOME!!! I needed it sooo badly and I have it right here!! If ANYONE needs anything from me please message I would be happy to help return the help you have given me!!!



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