I knocked 25mins off the same route I did 2 days ago!!!

Hey all so I got up and out the door at 7.30am (I go out whenever my daughter wakes up – still on an empty stomach)

Yesterday I thought I would try something new! So I made up a fresh fruit juice and bought these awesome Rubbermaid containers (perfect for juices and protein shakes etc) from IGA for $2.50!!! so I made the juice up and chucked it in the freezer – thinking it will be perfect by the time I finish my walk if I take it along with me.

Anyways I did the same route I did two days ago (the one I got blisters on) and I knocked 25mins off the time!!! I did 10.7kms in 2hrs and 10mins and today I did it in 1hr and 45mins! SOOOO wrapped with myself!!!

Last night I did an hr of cardio too! and 30 crunches and 2 elbow planks at 25secs each. I’m not sure if I’m doing my planks correctly and I have no mirror and no one to tell me so I’m not sure how to tell!!

The last couple of days I have been getting lower back pains – I actually dont think its my spine but I think its the muscles in my back – if you put your hands behind your back when you walk you feel two muscles alternating and moving (well I do LOL) this is what hurts me at the moment – lots of stretching and hot showers and my lavendar wheat heat pack seem to ahve been doing the trick but it could be anything the walking the planks or the crunches… I just push myself through it! I just dont want to stop Tongue LOL

Ok so my plans for today

– some sort of high step gentle skipping routine
– weights
-30mins of cardio x 2 or 1hr of cardio tonight.
– try out or watch my new zumba DVDs and see what I like and what I think I can do lol Smile

Will keep intouch throughout the day!! Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!!


I have 1 kilo LEFT TO GO!!!! YEEEHAAAA – 1 KILO hopefully gone by the 5th March!

Yes you MR kilo…… you are outta here!!! so watch out! >.< Smile

oh and PPS The juice was only sorta defrosted by the time I got back but now its hella yummyyy and slushy yummmmmmm xxxx


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