Concerns and Confusion…

ok so I need someone to tell me ‘been there done that’ and that this is a normal phase.

My eating clean is perfect, the last few days I have just eating fish chicken fresh vegies, and fresh fruit and veg juice.

So what my concerns are….

My weightloss has slowed dramatically for the past week I have increased my exercise and ate totally clean and my weight is hovering around the 111.1 to 111.8 mark. I really pushed myself this week hoping to get to 110kgs – I just dont understand how I can lose so much so quickly then it stops…

I will meaure my cms tomorrow as this is the end of month one. so I have lost 9kilos total. But I’m not impressed as the last week it hasnt changed at all.

Can someone tell me if they have experienced this? I’m thinking it may have something to do with muscle gain. But when does the muscle start burning the fat – I dont want to be a 110kg person filled with muscle I have plenty of fat to lose so what else can I do??

my exercise routine consists of the following

2hr FBW walk

30mins HIIT Cardio on the xtrainer

10min weights (I only do the weight 3 times a week)

30 crunches (I’m slowly increasing these numbers)

1 pushup HAHA YAY GO ME!! Smile


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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