Beginning Month 2 – YAY – I’m happy happy happy!!!

I took my 2nd lot of photos and I SEE A DIFFERENCE – I cant believe it!!! Wish I took my 1st lot of photos right at the start not a week later!!

SOOO you want more good news – I LOST another half kilo!!! so I’m finally in the 110.7 zone – total 9.3 kilos lost.


MY STATS are as follows….

Total cms lost from neck, above boobs, boobs, ontop of belly button, below belly button, thigh and calf??


72 friggen cms!!!!!


I mean apart from being totally disgusting – its gone forever and I’m soooo excited!

So yesterday I was feeling a bit angry not depressed or down just angray as I wanted to see change. So I completely changed my day..

I STAYED HOME! I didnt do any FBW! and no exercise I totally rested – and I’m going to do the same today. I think I needed to give my body some much needed recuperation.

I also had oats for breaky instead of meat and nuts to mix it up. Then I had a veggie juice. Then salmon and mussles for lunch and some chicken and veg for dinner.

Today I will mix up a new routine for myself I think I’m going to have to change it up lots – I read yesterday that your body can get used to routines within 6-12 wks but also as early as 3-4wks! I’m not sure if my body is used to it I think it just needs a bit of a shock.

So I think I will bring in my skipping and do my 45mins of FBW on my x trainer then weights in the morning and then some skipping and crunches around early afternoon. I’m going to try and put together some sort of timetable so I can keep track.

Thanks sooo much girls for your positiveness on my blog it was great to receive and I’m so glad to hear I inspire so many and keep you all going.

I just get impatient sometimes LOL! Smile

If you feel like having a read go to this link (remember remove the spaces)

The Three Metabolic Energy Systems 
by Jason Karp, PhD 

The link is now activatedSmile

its about your 3 energy systems and how your exercise takes what energy from where. It looks like the aerobic system will burn fat more than HIIT. It shows how the energy is taken. Very interesting!

Take care  and remember DONT GIVE UP!!!! Smile

Winners never quit and quitters never win! I’m a Winner – how about you??


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