Doctors Appt Yesterday

Soooo I was just curious about myself and everything I’m doing so I went and booked an appointment.

I went in yesterday and he is a male doctor but one of the best docs I know – very thorough so I had a chat to him explained my situation and he was very proud of me for losing 10kilos in the past month (and a few days).

I asked him about plateauing etc – he said it wont happen till your near your goal weight (healthy BMI) HE said if you notice it happening through your body off track for one week then go back to what you were doing to lose weight…..

He also asked me what I’m eating etc and said I have made such a great decision for long term life etc (I’m telling you this so you know that YOU have made this decision too !) He also told me about this Dr who has been studying the 5:2 diet. Whic is 5 days of eating anything and everything you want and 2 days of watching your calories eating only 400-500 calories for women – He said to me to watch a video and read a book – He said if I eat clean on the 5 days and fast for 2 alternative days of the week with just 1-2 main meals no snacks etc then I will transform my body straight away. When you fast your brain cells grow new ones – (this sounds strange but its true) Also your body produces less insulin (I have to read more about it) but from memory I think its IGF1 – anyways I’m going to try and find an extract about the research…

“Studies conducted by the Baltimore National Institute on Aging reveal that fasting once or twice a week lowers Insulin-like growth factor 1 – IGF-1 levels, which encourages fat burning and can protect the brain against diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease”

Now for me this is pretty interesting but my doc said if I actually do this and keep to clean eating then I’m going to see a dramatic improvement. I asked him about the metabolism slowing down and he also said this probably woudl affect the metabolism slowing down on those 2 days but he said it will encourage fat burn more.

Other Issues..

I have bad issues with my knees I cant do split squats at all – its really Pi$$ing me off! so I asked him is there anything I can do he said not really unless you want to get into heavy medical stuff like surgery etc he said it will more than likely go with the weightloss. So his recommendation – stay off the squats and also anything that is too intense on my knees.

I also asked him about my exercise – am I doing too much – will my muscle fibres repair. He said you are walking for 2 hrs – thats fine and your cardio is on a x trainer which isnt going to put extreme pressure on my knees etc – he said if your doing exercise and hurting more than you should be back off – but if you feel ok and comfortable you are fine. Just dont push yourself because of injuries.

So I’m happy with his response and I may try this 5:2 but still 100% clean eating…… I am not a fan of calorie counting and would be able to know what I can eat or not eat LOL! I like the way I’m going I’m still losing weight.

He also wants to keep track of my progress, he said please come back and see me once you have lost another 10 I would love to be with you on this and see you through it! Smile

Sooo here comes the next 10 Smile


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