Monday Monday!!!

Good Morning everyone!!!!

How are we all feeling?? Already for a new week?? Mine ends today and begins tomorrow but I’m still happy with another half a kilo loss! Smile Smile Smile

I’m still so ramped up and EXCITED!!!!

Soo this morning I got up and twiddled with my thumbs and fingers till my daughter would wake – and she woudlnt so I jumped on the Xtrainer and did 30mins of med pace just to get all warmed up and pumped then I thought hmm I have two dogs and a pram and I havent taken my dogs for walks in like FOREVER!! LOL Smile

So when Tilly woke I popped her in the pram and took one dog out with me for a quick 20min walk – as I was walking away the other dog was crying argh it killed me – even though I promised her I would be back to take her I felt soo bad!!!

So after 20mins came back swapped over dogs and headed out again! Smile another 20mins by and I came home –

Both dogs – althoguh skinny were totally out of shape I couldnt help but feel sooo guilty – I had done this to them – they are 8 and 9 and both pure muscle just unfit..

But afterwards I felt great!!! So this week I plan to smash it again I would like to see the scales get to 108ish by the end of the week.. I REALLYYYYYY WANT THISSSSSSSSSSS


So …. I’m going to get it – because I CAN!!! and you CAN! Get off your bums and do extra for one more day this week – anything! an extra walk – whatever it is just say below what you think you can do extra of!

Take care all Smile xxx


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