End Wk 5 Begin Wk 6 – Stats – ANOTHER Kilo gone!

YES YES YES 11 KILOS and 19.5cms total !GONE!!!!- I was looking so forward to this weight in I really just felt positive about it and I lost another kg in a week!! there was a week or so in there that nothing changed and it just hobbled around but YES This morning I was 109.1 (ok I have really lost 10.9kgs but I know tomorrow I will be seeing 108. something!!)


So I’m very excited I hope at this rate I will be able to reach my goal of 105 by wk 9 but we shall see!!!

Also I have discovered a way to keep recipes about! YES – I’m still working on a blog outside to try and record my info all there too its just going to be a backup Smile

I totally love this forum – I just wish it was a bit more user friendly – But hopefully the powers to be will change that one day!

ANYWAYS 11kilos – 11 kilos in 5 weeks!! I’m actually so happy about this. I know its slowed down heaps but my rate now is about 500g-1kg a week weightloss – Even if I lose 500g a week (thats 2kg a month ) I will HOPEFULLY be around the the weight hubby first met me as… If I can get a kg loss in there now and then say every two weeks I would be the lightest hubby has NEVER seen me at – This is what I’m hoping to really give myself a new beginning before he comes home – (dont go thinking this is just for him) because its not This is something I have wanted my whole life… before he came along… he just knows I need it so bad and has supported me and encouraged me – he knows it was making me depressed and down… and I say WAS because I’m not anymore I’m SOOO FRIGGEN HAPPY!!!

That this is actually happening to ME!!! I am going to be one of those ‘poster transformation girls” I want to be someone who inspires others – it would mean so much to me to know someone has gone – well if she can do it so can I! because thats how I look at my inspirational people and most of them are on these forums !Smile

You can do this girls keep the positiveness going you truly need to be in the right mindframe – you need to be there if your not – its NOT going to work – you have to believe in yourself if there is a slightest bit of doubt it wont work..

and if there is DOUBT – then ask yourself – if you are eating healthy and controlling portions and exercising…. how can you not be losing weight?? even if the scale doesn’t go down you are still losing FAT < Fat is the keyword here – you may not see it when you look in the mirror – you may not feel it when you put on clothes, you may not see it when you use a measuring tape but its a fact you will be turning those little fat cells out of their homes and into the big wide world – KEEP MOVING and EATING CLEAN – yes that one cheat meal is suppose to kick up your metabolism.. but really do you REALLY want that cheat meal??

I have never had a cheat meal, I usually have smoothies or meat and nuts for breakky – and then if I feel like it I will have oats. Smile This to me makes my metabolism work harder – you definitely need to make sure you are EATING the right amount… if you eat too little your body will go into starvation mode! – too much and you will stay the same – check your portion sizes…

Good Tips for this

Small side plate – fill it with your 100g of meat and the rest veggies – I try and use at least 3 colours – or all greens. I love my green veggies.

Whats 100g? – well buy your meat then look at the size on the label, 400g of steak with 4 steaks is perfectly portioned for you – the other day I bought 1.5kilos of chicken breast – and cut them all up into 100g – I got 15 portions and was comepletely SHOCKED at the size – I used to cut a chicken breast in half and eat that – this would have been at least 200-250grams! (So glad I caught this within a few weeks)


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