Last night….

oh my gosh – did I have a shocking night!

Firstly I’m in Melb and I think the past few days we have suffered from a heat wave because its been stinking hot!

So last night I put my daughter down – it wasnt dark yet but she drinks her milk and within 15mins of chatting to herself she heads to sleep…so I put her down and got all ready to give BefitIn90 Day 1 a 2nd attempt (a workout youc an get for free on youtube!)

and THE POWER goes out…… I mean seriously I just put my weight down and BAM darkness – and with no power means no fans and no aircon…. so it got hot in my house VERY QUICKLY

Of course little miss stayed awake then and I had to get a torch and then she found it hillarious having her own mini torch… so we played shadows on the ceiling and try to catch the torch dot… and read some books.. then finally around 10.10pm the power comes on ! so I put her to bed and of course she is sad and upset – so then she cries then the power goes off again and the fans stop and she goes into panic mode (first power outage for her) anyways I was sooo tired by the end of it I was like ok just come to my bed and I can collapse LOL (She NEVER sleeps in my bed and never has so this was a once off – as soon as we got into bed the power goes on again yay – and then it goes off again…

Well now she really chucks the screams in panic mode whilst im trying to sooth her then BAM projectile vomit alll over my bed all over her and all over me -… LOVELY! just what the doctor ordered on a stinking hot night…

So I popped her in the shower and stripped the bed (meanwhile power is still of – made her a new bottle of milk – she calmed down in the shower then I had a quick one and we both hopped into bed as soon as I put my head on the pillow the power came on again….

and finally stayed on within 5mins she was out for count and then within mintues later so was I LOL Smile but I never had her in bed before and I will never do it again my god LOL how stressful she moves around like a soccer guru kicking the sheets and carrying on and talking in her sleep so I had a very disturbed 4 hrs sleep LOL…

Well this morning I got up and I was wayyyy too tired to go out so I gave FBW a miss – but I got on the scales to find I’m another 1/2 kilo lighter YES!!! 108.4!

I also discovered an awesome long lengthy article about FBW and obese people and also a long write up about obese people (like myself) and losing weight etc if anyone is interested in a REALLY good read PM me Smile

today I did the lawnmowing and some pruning out in the garden…

Tommorrow is pay day which means a nice fresh lot of groceries YAY!!!!

hope everyone had a better end to their monday than me LOL Smile

Here is my little munchkin who causes all the terror in my house… she Loves Oats in the morning now




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