ok yes so I had a really big weekend and kept myself pretty busy….

Friday I had a friend come over for coffee – She is the only person I know in Melb really and she is originally from QLD, well this lady is just an absoultely lovely lady!! She is a personl stylist and also used to own a maternity clothing store up North.

Well the first thing she said to me was – my god you look awesome what have you done your skin is just glowing!!

Wow I was soo taken back it put a huge smile on my face for the day!! LOL Smile

So after she left I put the rest of my (non cold) shopping items away. I rearranged my shelves so that my goodies are at eye leve and my daughters are a shelf below so when I need to get something for her its out of sight lol Smile




Then I had a big cook up and this was the result…




I had one of them for dinner (he he he ) So that was how I spent my friday night – dancing around the kitchen listening to music and cooking my heart off – yes my feet were sore after but..you get that dancing on tiles in bare feet LOL!


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