Time to kick it up a notch – yes this means you too!! (well if you can LOL)

ok Today I had another good think (it doesnt happen very often so I thought I would just let you know what it does happen)

It gets me all psyched up again and ready to end this week 6 and start week 7 with a BANG!

Sooo This week I’m kicking it up a notch – this past week I have felt awful – not from clean eating but because I have had a non exercise week… I havent done anything because its been A) raining or B) I have felt crook from that time of the month.

Also all I have done is wanted 1-2 banana smoothies a day… and jumping on the scales tomorrow I know will be a reminder that I cant do this or not exercise. I know I havent gone anywhere – I may have lost few cms but I could improve alot this upcoming week. I hate that time of month – all I want to do is crawl up in my bed LOL – the only reason I get out is because I have a child, dogs, rabbits and everything else that keeps me going LOL Smile

Anyways TOMORROW is a NEW DAY!! and I have my lovely nice new fitness mat so here are my Goals…

FBW at least 4 TIMES this week! (if I can do 5 times even better)
If I cant FBW – then get on the X-Trainer for a HIIT workout for 30mins. Then do weights.

Afternoons: Cardio of either 30mins Xtrainer, Zumba Session or Befitin90 – I love all 3 of these I think my core isnt fit enough for zumba yet but the Befitin90 feels like it strengthens me

EVERYDAY: 30 crunches – adding 5 each day… 2x planks of 25secs (hopefully by the end of the week I can either do 3 or 2x30sec ones)

And every other day – Weight training…. so tonight I’m going to focus on making a workout planner so I can tick all the boxes Smile

on a side note… I also breed netherland dwarf rabbits so I’m in the middle of building new cages which is why I have been soo busy this weekend. Anyways hopefully that will be finished within the upcoming week or two!

Soooo what are you going to kick up this weekend???


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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