End Wk 6 Begin Wk 7 – Stats – ANOTHER Kilo gone!

OK so this morning I weighed 108 – I have lost 1 kilo since last tuesday BUT I know I reached this 108 last week so I have been on a standstill – because of lack of exercise, lack of eating Enough clean foods and also too many banana smoothies!

So cms lost since day 1 – 87.5cm and my tummy alone since day one total loss of 19.5 cms…!! holy Sheet! Thats almost a length of a ruler!!

Wowweee!!! and of course 12kilos…. WEll This week I hope to achieve a 1.5 kg loss – I’m going to really push for it – I have less than 2 wks to get to my end of month goal of 5kgs… C’MON – I CAN DO THIS!! I need this and I want it!!

My new favourites words – the 3 P’s ….


you really need all these to succeed in this lifestyle change! Smile I’m lacking on patience but accepting it and will get there !! LOL Smile

Today I made a clean Pavlova from scratch – I’m so proud of experimenting new things its great…

OH – and its not ready yet but a sneak look at my recipe blog Smile I think I’m doing ok for a first time blogger LOL Smile


hope everyones week is going well – SOOO EXCITED! Smile


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