A few things to tell you! Mission No 105

Well this morning it was a mission for me – I got up and then got dressed and I was still achey from my Fitin90 Workout.. so I thought I will stretch myself out with a quick warmup and then onto my crosstrainer..

As I walked down the hallway – I could hear giggles and chattering from Little Miss in her cot…

Damn it – wait.! is she reading to herself?? ok – so to get past the doorway without her noticing me …

That was the mission !

So Marine Corps style I get down on my belly and very slowly and silently creep past her doorway… biting my tongue from laughing at how ridiculous I must look to my neighbours and at the same time thinking yes its a mission – thanks to Kate and Anita…

(now bear with me I’m not a slack mum I will go get my child in the morning when she cried but if she is independantly reading o herself happily and giggling and playing with her dolls I’m going to let her go a bit longer Smile )

So mission success I heading down to my spare room where my cross trainer was and off I go – 30mins later I head back to my daughters room and she is still happily playing around – then I get her up and out of bed and we go and have a lovely breaky Smile

So that was the first thing… the next thing my mum is just so wonderful! So in September my hubby returns – after his long posting away and in October my mum has kindly offered to book off 10 days to look after my daughter so we can have our honeymoon!!! I have waited 3.5yrs for this and I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!!

Now what to do and where to go??? we can travel too far but somewhere nice and I’m happy to visit a few areas too… we can fly or we can drive but 10days!! what to do LOL!!! I was thinking huntry valley wine region (but hubby and I dont like wines) and then there is port stevens etc…


PS: Mission 105kgs here we come!! 🙂


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