End Week 7 – Begin Week 8 !!!

Ok so firstly I AM SOOOOO FRIGGEN HAPPY TODAY!!! read on to find out why LOL!!!

I have lost 2kgs this week – last Tuesday I was 108 now I’m 106!

I was hoping I would lose 1.5kgs this week to be able to lose 1.5kg this up coming week and make my end goal of 105kgs!

Well now I have ONLY 1kg to go to reach this goal – this will then be a 15KG LOSS! 15 KGS!!!!! Wowweeee I cant believe I have lost 14KGS already…

AND ANOTHER THING – which may not mean anything to you guys BUT my BMI has always been in Morbidly Obese – now… if you dont know this well you do now LOL – there are actually 3 classifications in the Obese BMI – I started in Classification 3 right up the top end…. and Now TODAY – I’m a classification 2!!!! Classification 1 ends at 93kgs so when I reach there I will be 1! and then at 80kgs – I will be on the border of Overweight/Obese Classification – This I’m SOOO EXICTED TO REACH!!!

SO NEW GOAL – 80kgs Before my birthday 4th September. (This is also when hubby is due home – I think he arrives on the 5th!)

Hubby has not seen me smaller than 95kgs EVER – THATS a 15KG DIFFERENCE AGAIN!!

I also downloaded this APP for my tablet called LIBRA – its a weigh in – it gives you forecasts and your goal lines…

At my current rate- I will reach my goal of 80KGS by the 22nd of August.

So here is my graph details – the red line is a forecast
at the bottom of the little tiny white lines is my weigh in details
and the Blue line is my goal! (click on the bottom one for a clearer picture)










I’m sooo happy (*do my little happy dance*)



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