YAHOOOOO I’m soooooo excited!!! so yesterday seeing as I was sooo close to my 2nd goal I decided to go through my wardrobe – you know pull out the clothes you cant bring yourself to throw out because they’ve never fit! Or because they are too small and ONE DAY you will get into them!!! WELL THAT DAY IS HAPPENING GIRLS!! ITS A COMING FOR YOU TOO!!!

I am I am I am SOOOOO EXCITED – I have reached 105kgs today my 2nd GOAL! in under 2 months!!!- I havent been this weight for 6-7yrs now – when I lived in Darwin.

I have a little mini grey skirt that I used to wear up there and its a size 14 – and I put it on and did it up – its snug – BUT IT FITS!! OMG!!! – I would never wear it as my legs are still gross but I have no overflow with this skirt I’m AMAZED!!!

AND!!! My size 18 Denim Skirt that I used to wear ALL the time – falls down – I need a belt to hold it up (and honestly it doesnt look nice to wear anymore) – this is the skirt I was wearing before hubby went away…and was tight to do up! and I had to wear loosely hanging clothing I’m in shock..!!!


1st Goal 110kgs – CHECK
2nd Goal 105kgs – CHECK

3rd Goal 99 – thats right not 100… who cares about that I WANT 99 BABY!! DOUBLE FIGURES!!! TO IMPROVE MY FIGURE!
4th Goal 95 – lightest weight hubby has seen me at…
5th Goal 90kgs – OMG !!
6th Goal – 85 – Last time I was this I was 15 in highscool!
7th Goal 80
8th goal 75
9th Goal 70 I was this in year 6 !!! Year 6!!! for goddsake sooo overweight my whole life..
10th Goal 65 – then we will reassess! Smile

Ultimate goal for my height I would ahve no idea – I’m 163cms tall. so I think its in 50-60 somewhere… not sure!

I VOW – TO NEVER SEE MY HEAVIEST WEIGHT ON THE SCALES EVER AGAIN! and when I get to double figures I will state a new vow of double figures only!!!


5 thoughts on “2nd Goal REACHED! 15 KGS LIGHTER TODAY~~~

    • Anna! fabulous that’s awesome do you have a blog I could follow too?? I’m totally new to the blogging world but I sooo need to do this for myself and my daughter – everything. So I’m truly excited and motivated – Ive never been committed to anything before like this. Its sooo easy!! I wish they would educate it more at schools! – I’m honoured to have you follow me – thank you thankyou!!

      • Not at present I don’t have a blog and If i did it would probably be all just sports related rubbish :p. I tried blogging once but I’m rubbish at it. Anyways I thought I would introduce myself properly. I am a scientist /triathlete. I started off in chemistry doing drug design and development but the more i learnt the more i didnt agree with it so i eventually got out (man that was scary) and became a personal trainer for a time. Then I went back to uni and am in the final year of my PhD doing biomechanics. I have some great friends from the sports side of things, one who is a nutritionist and works at my uni and she posts lost of great updates. If you have facebook you are welcome to add me. There is a great page called just eat real which is constantly putting up new recipes which is awesome. Although at the moment they are mainly sweet related it being easter and all.
        I love to cook and when we were growing up we had little money so I learnt to cook with whatever is around and use my intuition. This is great now cos i see soemthing and I think how can I make that clean/paleo. So ive got some really cool recipes that im developing.
        The first is brownie. – word of warning cos i just put a bit of this and that in i am never 100% about quantities.
        about 2 cups of almond meal (i use whats left over from making milk)
        1 cup of dates (soaked in hot water to soften, then drained)
        2 tbsp coconut oil melted
        1 tbsp cacao paste melted (or use cocoa, or cacao powder and add another tbsp coconut oil)
        a pinch of salt
        (i added in some cocoa nib too but this is optional)
        1 tsp baking soda
        2 eggs
        Blend it all together (make sure the coconut oil has cooled a little before adding it so doesnt set the baking soda off).
        Bake at 150 deg for about 1 hr.


      • Oh wow! There are so many questions I could ask you, lol! Its funny everything you hear about losing weight or getting fit is so controversial, the biggest thing that interests me at the moment that i am trying to understand more about the different exercises that attack different metabolic energy systems etc, what is best for fat burn etc,i actually have a blog post about it to, i will link you to it below once i get on my PC.

        https://makingmydreamreality.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/beginning-month-2-yay-im-happy-happy-happy/ there is an article linked you may find interested or already know about lol!

        My mum was a chef in the UK, and we were brought up on basic food etc and not to waste it, so i try and create recipes, this blog is actually really new, i copied over my posts from a closed forum as a back up and a place to pop all my recipes in, when i get a chance to make your recipe, i would love to pop it in my database if you have no objections? Obviously with credit yo you!

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