Hungry for change… live Q&A

Well I just watched the hungry for change stream live QandA with the famous Jon Gabriel! 

It was great – I think the best thing was that I met some lovely new people, and I have to say everyone who eats healthier or wants to eat healthier seem to be so much more nicer as they are extremely happy with themselves or are on the right track to making themselves a better person – I wonder if there is any connection with this and the way we were such a strong community back in the days where we grew our own food. I’m sure people had stronger communications back then and felt better about themselves.


Anyways today I had an AWESOME green juice for breakfast as I really wasnt that hungry – then an hr later I had a breakfast of smoked salmon and some snow pea sprouts with some red onion and pine nuts -it was delish – oh and my own homemade tartare sauce… 

Then after breakfast I decided to make another clean recipe to add to the freezer! I like to make big cookups and then portion them out. So today I made a Sweet potato, chicken and prawn coconut curry 🙂 – it SMELLS delish – I’m having a portion tonight for dinner!! Will let you know how it goes! Also I will upload the recipe shortly! 🙂


Take care and keep going!! 






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