End Wk 8 Begin Wk 9


I’m 103.9 kilos!!! thats 2.2 kilo loss since last tuesday (16.1kg total loss)- a bit faster loss than what I expected this week I dont want to drop it too rapidly but I dont want to slow it either!!

Biggest this I have changed NO BANANA SMOOTHIES!!!!! (thanks for that 2 week challenge ladies I think it will convince me to stay off them a bit longer or have them as a treat only!!)- and no 2hr walks just 30mins of REALLY INTENSE interval training everyday – and not first thing in the morning actually about 2hrs after lunch when my daughter is asleep – I havent had any time before that.. its been hard

But on the 30mins of cardio its interval and I’m also getting faster – on my crosstrainer I am doing (6.4km/p/hr on the slower interval and 8km/p/hr when I go fast! – in the end I end up doing about 3.3kms – all these are rough approximates as I bought my cross trainer in America and so its all in Miles per hour LOL!! –

But I come off soo sweaty! and also wobbly legs and sometimes feeling sick so I know I am pushing myself good!!! yay!!!

I will do my monthly measuring on the 5th which is my beginning of MONTH 3 YAYAYAYAYA!!!!


4 thoughts on “End Wk 8 Begin Wk 9

  1. Right so just to explain the energy systems. The first one is the one you use for say an olympic lift. SHort sharp heavy something thats 10 seconds or less. The energy is right there in your muscles ready to go and then gets replenished. Basically you energy currency is ATP the key part of that is the P on the end. The bond holding this on is high energy so when it breaks it releases energy that is used by the muscles to contract (and the rest of your body for every single task it carries out). The 1st anaerobic energy system uses any ATP that is floating around which then produces ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and needs another P to make it high energy again. THis usually comes from creatine phosphate which is why weight lifters often supplement with this. The second energy system has about 2 minutes of energy before the waste products start to cause you to slow down. (also note this is an inefficent way of making energy). Because its not using oxygen it doesn’t go through the full cycle for making energy and only produces a few ATP and also lactate as a waste product. This way of making energy can utilise fats and glucose but only if the fats have already been broken down to acetyl CoA. The third energy system is aerobic and can go on until your fats run out (1000+ hrs) this can use glucose, fats or protein if necessary and also uses lactate (from the 2nd system) as fuel. If it is using fats or protein though it first has to break these complex molecules down into a usable form. Very small molecules that can then be feed into the aerobic pathway. So it actually requires energy to make energy. Thats why excluding all carbohydrates from your diet is not going to work because it actually needs a bit of this easy energy to get access to the harder to burn but longer lasting energy.
    In essecence we are using all of these systems all the time its just a matter of which one dominates. So I wouldn’t fret too much about which system you are using. Often when you first work out you will go into anaerobic really easily, after awhile you can work at quite a high intensity without getting above your lactic threshold (where lactate starts to build up in your body). You can even work above this threshold for a bit before lactate starts to accumulate exponentially and then you start feeling rubbish and like you are going to puke.
    HIIT workouts are very good in that you can use a lot of energy in a short amount of time and if you are working in either of the two anaerobic systems then once you slow down or stop your body has to cope with the waste products or regenerate the creatine phosphate and so this uses energy generally derived from that fantastic energy source fats. So even working in the anaerobic systems will burn fats.
    Also exercise causes muscle damage that needs to be repaired which also uses up energy primarily from fats.
    Finally if you are doing high intensity work this can do alot to improving your thresholds and so eventually you will be working harder but still be sitting below that lactate threshold or primarily in the aerobic energy system. So there is heaps of benefit to them.
    I would suggest maybe mixing up your workouts so you do HIIT once or twice a week and some slower easier aerobic stuff the other days. Give your body time to recover form all the small damage you cause from such intense work and it will function better – and that means burn fat better.
    From what I have read and understand of the high fat low carb diets and alternatives on the theme – the problem at the moment is that there is so much sugar in everything that our bodies come to rely on sugar. Essentially our body gets lazy and just goes for the easy option. So when it runs out of sugar we start to feel grumpy or sick and tired and so we reach for more sugar to pick us up again. So massive fluctuations in energy. If you then eliminate the sugar sources from your diet your body is forced to get its butt into gear and start burning the harder to get but higher energy fats cos it has no choice. So that is possibly why you are losing weight a bit faster, as your body gets more and more used to realising that it can’t rely on sugar to get you through it has to mobilise and burn the fats.

    • Thanks Anna, that explains it much better. With my HIIT training I do enjoy doing it everyday But I do have two rest days a week, I know its probably not best to do it 5 times a week for 30mins, but is it ok to do? Will my body still repair? I really want to lose alot of weight within the next 6months, after that wherever I’m at (whether its 80kgs or 90kgs) I’m happy to then slow it down I just need to give myself a push over the next 6months to actually see a difference. I have also introduced small amounts of carbs, in the morning I have oats or weetbix, and thats about it LOL! 🙂 I have removed all sugar except for fruit but at the moment I’m not really eating any fruit as I would rather get my body to burn up extra fat etc LOL – When I’m in maintenance stage I will definitely bring fruit back into my eating habbits. Thanks sooo much for writing all that – truly I really appreciate it!! Its very valuable information!! Sometimes I wish I could take the PT course JUST to have the knowledge for myself haha!! 🙂

      • Hehe. Don’t bother they don’t teach you any of the useful stuff. Most of that I have learnt from my other courses and from my own research. Yeah its fine to do the HIIT 5 times if you want to and thats an easier way for you to get the exercise done. Maybe try doing one day where the intensity is really high and one day when you drop the intensity a bit but still do it as intervals

  2. Awesome – thanks very much Anna – I will try that then instead! It will definitely work out better when it gets warmer again I will head outdoors for my walks again though lol!! 🙂 well good to know I dont have to waste my time doing that and researching on the net can be just as good – its just hard to differ between the rubbish and facts sometime LOL!! if you recomment any good sites to read please let me know! 🙂 I have just been watching lots of the food documentaries lately as you know LOL 🙂

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