Month 3 Begins Today!

Ok sooooo I’m 103.9kgs today – thats a total loss for last month of 6.1kgs – Total overall loss of 16.1 kgs and 85cms 


Today I decided I really really want to do a Detox on my body – I feel ready and I need to clean out those extra toxins 

So Starting Monday I’m going on a 5 day Detox, I have a shopping list and I’m going to just JUICE away!! Smile 

So wish me luck because I’m going to need it LOL!!! I’m probably going to come on here and whinge about how hungry I am and express my thoughts etc ! So please put up with me LOL!! and be nice!! 

I’m soooo Close to 99!!! JUST under 5kgs – I want that this month – my mum is also coming down to see me on the 25th April and staying for the weekend – she knows I’m eating clenna etc and said not to change my meal plans etc for her – so I’m not going to! 

BUT I’m so excited – she saw me on Skype the other day and almost died!! LOL Even called out to my step dad and showed me off LMAO!!! it was kinda embarrassing but they both said I’m lookin sooo healthy and well! 

So keep at it girlies!!! You can do this!! Its all in your mind!! keep positive ALWAYS!!! 

Its soooo mindblowingly simple !! 

dont say I want that but cant have it… SAY I can have it but dont want it!!! 

In the end its your choice your life and how you want to be – you really dont need that chocolate. its a desire that you feel is fullfilled when you eat it – but realistically its not doing anything for you – the food has been mainpulated into making you THINK that its a satisfaction! Its not even real food – its soo far refined from Cacao that its a joke! 

I’m sooo glad I’m over junkfood and all those white refined processed sugars, flour etc ! 

The amount of goodness I taste in salad and foods I never thought I would “enjoy” – When I looked in the fridge when I was my old self – I would see vegetables and fruits and meat.. and still go to my hubby THERE IS NOTHING IN THE FRIDGE!! Nothing to eat! nothing I would believe would give me the satisfaction of eating it.. WHY???? 

Because I was Addicted to Sugar – Imagine Sugar like a drug – ALL you want is that drug – nothing else will satisfy you!! I was always hungry because my body was STARVING from nutrition! The processed foods tricked my brain into thinking that I would be satisfied after having a can of coke – but was I ….NO!! I wanted more and more!! every day!! But I found that if I stayed away from coke after 3 days – I never felt like it – UNTIL I had another can!! 

Its very scarey people!! PLEASE All I can push and advise is EDUCATE yourself about what your eating! Educate on why your eating it – Everything you pop into your mouth – think – Will this actually give my body nutrients I need – if the answer is No then you dont need it… 

YOU CAN DO IT – BE STRONG – FIGHT THE ADDICTION and you will overcome it!! 



2 thoughts on “Month 3 Begins Today!

  1. Hey there wellness warrior! I thought I would drop you a line to say congratulations! And also, when you are doing a detox, your liver relies on amino acids to process the poisons that are dropping out of storage from your fat loss, and into your central nervous system in some cases, like heavy metals. You might want to pick up a plant based protein shake with a good compliment of essential amino acids to round out the plant juices and keep your liver Fired Up to take out all the gross junk you are freeing your self from. Thanks for the encouragement to keep Positive and Go For IT!!!! K8eekatt 🙂

    • Thank you lovely!!! – oh thats really interesting!! I’m following one from Jason Vales site.. I wish he had said something about that in thee I bought all the stuff now and have no money left for protein powder LOL!!! But if I enjoy doing this I will definitely get some of that too! He says he as really planned out this recipe so is it possible he could have taken that into conisderation?? I’m happy to pop up a shopping list of what I bought for it all he has things like avocados and seeds etc in there too. Thanks soo much for your input !! I really appreciate feedback sometimes its a little quiet on this blog LOL!!! 🙂 I hope to lose about 2kg this week!! 🙂

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