5 Day Detox Starts Tomorrow!!!

So I’m joining in with the biggest Juice Spring Clean – http://www.bigjuicespringclean.com/

Starts tomorrow 8th  April till 12th April… and I’m EXCITED!!!


I have been wanting to do a DETOX for quite a while now… firstly I wanted to get my clean eating under control and then I wanted to attempt it to clear out the last little bit of toxins that may or may not be holding me back…


So I downloaded Jason Vales App  – cost me $6.00 – and to be honest I just absolutely LOVE listening to him! not as the icky love kinda way just because he is SOOOO passionate about his work he is well motivated , always pumped and excited!!! He talks sooo fast and has soo much info to say I think its awesome! I wish he would just bring out DVDs on all his knowledge – no he is not a professional Nutritionist nor a Dietician etc But he is a leader in the health world, and I love his work I’m a big big fan! After I saw hungry for change the documentary the first thing I did was buy myself a juicer and I didnt hold back ! I bought the gorgeous Phillips Quick Clean.

And I love it !! and I have juiced about 5 out of 7 days a week!


Sooo yesterday I took my first trip to A farmers market in Melbourne and to be honest – the atmosphere was ok… I assumed a more friendly happy bunch of people, and also I thought it would be a little bit cheaper…?


but at least I know all the foods are organic and fresh! and ALSO!!! YESTERDAY! was the first day I had even seen KALE!!! and tasted it!! my god!! Why cant they have this stuff in the shops?? I never see it in Coles or Aldi or eve my local fruit and veg shop!


Well after the farmers market I went to a place that was renowned for goodness in veggies and very old school fruit and veg shop family owned and wow I was shocked! I love it there!!! there was soo much goodness, it was packed and busy!! But it had absolutely everything I wanted!!!


Anyways anything I couldnt find at the farmers market I bought at this store called Altona Fresh… I even picked up some CHIPOTLE PODS!!! I’m sooo excited I want to make a CLEAN Southwest sauce sooo much I loved Subways southwest sauce and I want to replicated it so keep an eye out for that if your interested! 🙂

So here was my day of foraging…




6 thoughts on “5 Day Detox Starts Tomorrow!!!

  1. Good luck, girl! Saw you write about your blog on an FB group (may have been the Ashy Bines one?), and wanted to follow your journey 🙂 All this fresh food looks so delicious!

    • Thanks sooo much hun!! I am sooo honoured to have you join me on my journey ! I will pop on over to your blog soon!! Still working on gettting this one set up and organised – boy its hard work lol!!! – Take care and hope you pop in from time to time! 🙂

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