Day 3 Detox : Wicked/Wobbly Wednesday

The 3rd Detox day – here goes!!! I’m following the Jason Vales  BIG JUICE SPRING CLEAN! Apparently there are over 25,000 people signed up to take part in it… it runs this week for 5 days (8th-12th April) or next week for 5 days (15th – 19th).  All these recipes on this detox can be found by clicking on the name or image and also they are all Jason Vales recipes. 🙂 ENJOY!

Rules of the game – follow the juices and recipes, exercise twice in the day 30mins in the morning and 30mins in the evening going as hard as you can! 🙂 You can also use a Hunger SOS Card – which entitles you to either 1 banana OR 1 avocado each day is NEEDED….

Wake up…..

Warm water with lemon…. –  ugh..well its ok… its do-able! I have it cold!

Morning Exercise:

30mins HIIT on my Crosstrainer – CHECK – Afterburn yay Check!!

Weights – 20mins mixed shoulder and arm sets

Crunches – 150!!! Hell yes!!! 😀

9.55am – Ginger Shot – What a tastebud Wakeup!!


10am – Berry Banana Crunch – I have been looking forward to this juice all week and it did NOT let me down! YUMM!


1pm and 4pm – Green Refresher – I think this is my favourite green juice so far!


7pm – Berry Banana Crunch – Delicious again!!! Yummy!

Evening Exercise:
30mins HIIT on my Crosstrainer – CHECK – Afterburn yay Check!!

Hunger SOS Card: Not used today 🙂

How Do I Feel?
I really enjoyed my juices today!! it was an easy day!! Little peckish but I had a peppermint tea  🙂 (yes herbal teas no sugar allowed 🙂 )


I would love to hear from you, pop your 2 cents in below:

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