Week 11 Begins…


Sooo this morning I woke up with a giant bounce in my step (well technically it was smaller BUT anyways!)

I did this this morning g!

Exercise 1 – HIIT Cardio 30mins on the X-trainer

Exercise 2 – 150 crunches (sets : 50, 40, 30, 20, 10) and 100 Chest Bridge Press (20,20,20,20,20 inbetween the crunches)

Exercise 3 – 60 – Bicep Curls (20,20,20) and 60 (I have no idea but you stand slightly bent forward and push your arms with the dumbells from your side to backwards – it feels like it definitely hits my triceps) (20,20,20

Exercise 4 – 100 squats – feet about 10cms apart (to be comfy at the knees)

Please someone tell me more about squats – I would love to do split squats but I cant for some reason my left knee goes down fine but my right knee really struggles and I cant get low at all – it doesnt hurt its just tight – can I improve this or change it…

Also I have seen people do squats shoulder width apart, feet together and also really wide feet apart

What is the correct procedure OR does each one affect your body differently?? and if so how -if you can help with these questions about squats I would be very grateful! Smile

I really want double figures by tuesday – I have been hobbling since sat morning – from 109.8 to 202.2 now this morning I’m 109.8 and I’m NOT going up again!! DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!!

I did an awesome little trick this morning so now there is no more excuses my daughter came in and woke me up at 7.15, so I changed her bum, sat her down in front of the tv with her blanky and milk and when and raced onto my cross trainer – 30mins later she was still happy then I was in the loungeroom with her doing my weights so she was fine!!! So there are no excuses ladies!! you can do it (obviously if you work thats different!)

I HOPE to do 30mins HIIT tonight too Smile


3 thoughts on “Week 11 Begins…

  1. Different squats do activate slightly different muscles or use your muscles at different lengths. This is kind of important if you want to get strong for a particular movement say for sport otherwise it doesn’t matter so much. I usually get clients do do hip width apart because this puts the least strain on your knees as everything is pretty much aligned.
    Re split squats. Are you knees fine walking up and down stairs? What happens if you move your weight further back so working the back leg more. Can you get down then? Do you have any stiffness just moving that knee through the complete range of motion when you have no weight on it.
    Start off just going as far as you can on the left side. Then do the same depth on the right side. See if you increase your range of motion by slowly working on the strength.
    And wow you are looking absolutely amazing. Keep it up!!

    • Hi Anna! Lovely to hear from you again. I have never had any trouble going up and down stairs, I think they might be seized up from carrying so much weight, neve rhad any injuries I told my doc and he just said.. just dont do them… he said it could be early onset of knee athritis? but he said It could also go as I lose weight.

      if I balance on my good knee and lift the other off the ground I’m flexible and can move it all over the place its just when I put my body weight and pressure on it when bending that knee down, I tried the split squat with a smaller and wider positions but it didnt seem to make much difference on the bad knee.

      The left I would say is not as low and fit as it should be but it matches my fitness but the right is just shocking LOL !! I hope I can try and strengthen it – is thee any other individual exercise I could try just on that knee alone?

      And thankyou so much I have almost hit 20 kgs – so I’m sure you will know about it when you do – the photo on the left was taken on the 12th feb – 1 week after hubby left for over seas and the one on the right was taken yesterday – I’m so excited I finally see some changes happening!! I cant wait for the next 6months I hope to lose 20kgs again… then when hubby comes home I will be 40kgs lighter and then have about 20kgs MORE to lose before ultimate goal! 🙂 hehehehe!!

      • Yeah id suggest dont do split squats yet. Wait till the weight is down a bit more. Just keep trying it periodically. Re strengthening your knees look up some glut exercises – if you can learn to wrk your glutes then they stabilise your legs and reduce the pressure going thru ur knees. The other one you can do if you have a swiss ball, put this in the small of your back up against the wall So when you lean against the ball you can do a squat by rolling the ball up and down the wall. The if you have a medicine ball sized ball place this between your knees and squeeze this as you squat down and up. This will strengthen the muscles around your knees that help with support.

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