Soooooooo Close

OK so Wed, Thurs and Friday I wanted to do the following routine..

Exercise 1 – HIIT Cardio 30mins on the X-trainer

Exercise 2 – 150 crunches (sets : 50, 40, 30, 20, 10) and 100 Chest Bridge Press (20,20,20,20,20 inbetween the crunches)

Exercise 3 – 60 – Bicep Curls (20,20,20) and 60 (I have no idea but you stand slightly bent forward and push your arms with the dumbells from your side to backwards – it feels like it definitely hits my triceps) (20,20,20

Exercise 4 – 100 squats – feet about 10cms apart (to be comfy at the knees)



THURSDAY – A little Sore but completed it – CHECK

FRIDAY – OMG could not move!!! – I’m dying – well not realyl but it takes me about 30secs to sit down ! Delayed muscle soreness yes … NO CHECK 😦

TODAY – Yes still can hardly move – I’m hobbling everywhere!! NO CHECK 😦


What did I do different that I have never done before – squats… … 100 two days in a row…


So what I’m curious about is… How can I stop from getting sore! I dont want to notexercise and yesterday and today I could barely move – I’m actually going to try hop on the cross trainer tonight to do something about this – maybe stretch it out or something – a friend mentioned it could be lactic acid – well I think I might have to google about that as I have no idea what it means LOL! such a beginner here!!


Anyways the good news – I decided to change one of my spare rooms into a gym!!!!


and make a giant inspirational wall – SO excited!


And tomorrow is weigh in – I hope I reach 100 or 99 – I’m sooo  close!!!!


Stay tuned for pics of my refurbishment lol!!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Soooooooo Close

  1. DOMS is good. And not exercising because of DOMS is fine and actually good. DOMS means you have caused micro muscle tears and when these heal your muscles are stronger and a bit bigger. Its how your muscles get bigger. And bigger muscles are great because they increase your resting metabolic rate. Resting to let the DOMS go down is essential for muscles to develop (also note as a women you will not hulk out by building muscle you will just end up looking tones) you dont have enough testosterone to really get bulky so dont be woried about that. If you do have DOMS to the point you feel like a nana then have an easy day – trust me you are getting as much benefit from having an easy day after a workout that leaves you super sore than if you had a HIIT day 3 days in a row. Think of how much energy it requires to repair broken muscles. Easy days can include weights that target unsore muscles and easy walking, xtraining etc.
    I would reccomend trying to increase your upper body weights so that you aren’t doing as many. Think of it as fitting in the same sort of workout as your HIIT but a weights version. Usually I try to get my clients to do 2-3 sets of 10 reps and on the last set they should be failing or nearly failing on the 8th+ rep. I would usually help them complete if they failed early and its an indicator to up the weight if they can complete all 3 sets.
    You can do low weight high reps sessions as well. High weight low reps should be done once or twice a week.

    • Thankyou Anna! that made me feel so much better – I just bought a 2nd hand weight set and have NO idea what kind of exercises I can do on it ahah! I will take a pic and post tomorrow – I bought this because I felt my 2.5kg dumbells seemed too light. I struggle with those weights doing that many reps but someone told me 15-20 reps per set but he was also a pt trainer for males in the defence so I’m glad that 10 reps 2-3 sets is ok LOL!! I’m not worried about bulking up as I thought the same thing about testosterone so I’m glad you confirmed that too haha! 🙂 Thanks so much lovely!

  2. You could try some coffee before your work out, caffiene helps open the vessels so the lactic acid can flush out better, also stretch for ten min after you work out to work out the waste products and drink a lotta watta!

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