My Mini Home Gym

Welcome to the first day of my new gym!!! CLICK PICS for larger images if you want to see my inspirational quotes and affirmations.

I bought this weight set as a gift to me – Today I was 100.5kgs – So I’m excited that I’m going to be reaching double figures this week! 19.5kgs GONE so far!! And 40.5 more to go!! Yeah baby I’m doing this.


Here are some pics of my gym and my inspirational wall! I’m very excited to start putting it all into practice now – I was still sore today but I still did 30mins HIIT! So I smashed that  I love it and I love listening to the Pandora Station “workout” has some GREAT fast beats and I just cant help myself but want to push myself harder!!

A good tip I read about the other day – make sure all your songs in your playlist are going to coincide with the correct BPM otherwise you wont push yourself as hard etc – there are a few great websites around that have a great selection already made up of songs with similar beats

I absolutely LOVE music so this is a big giant MUST have in my gym – I have my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and I sit it ontop of my workout screen on the cross trainer and just listen to the Pandora Radio. It works great – then I’m not focusing on the time I have left or how many calories I have burned etc!

20130421_100145  20130421_100154



I love my inspirational wall – I have more posters to go up but haven’t had the time yet but for now this will do! it will help me with my own affirmations when


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