Another 10kg down and Doc’s appointment!

OK soooooooo today I went to the Docs because my little girl was really coughing up bad lots of mucus – I’m not really a worry wart but if it gets to a certain stage Then I like to ask!

At the same time Doc asked me to come in when I lost 10kgs again and Today was that day!!! SOOOO two birds with one stone – I was soo excited and he was TRULY impressed!!! he said I have gone from just over 45 BMI to 36 NOW!!!

I’m sooo happy thats such a major improvement !!

I also explained to him about my back pain and my tailbone and how I cant sit on chairs etc comfy or hard for long periods of time (this was always since my daughter was born and my family doctor up in sydney brushed it off for some reason as said it would go away) Anyways, god I love this doctor down here he simply is the best he really cares and doesnt give out medicine just to fix the issue he is one of the only docs I know that actually asks a lot of questions.

He asked me if my back was ever investigated and I said no I had a doc in America feel my spine and coccyx (spelling) and he said he wasnt worried unless it was broken and he said if it was broken I would have known about it. But anyways! MY DOCTOR ordered me an XRAY right away!!!

He also said because its been chronic pain for so long I’m entitled of up to 5 sessions of osteopath? or chiropractor sessions etc and he said we will get it sorted and if we cant we will look further into it!

I’m actually excited now – I never thought It would go away I accepted the pain and used deep heat and heat packs to soothe it when going to sleep etc But because my 20+yr family doc said you cant do anything I just put it aside – but now I feel like if this gets fixed I will feel on top of the world – Hopefully I dont have to have any invasive medical procedures and it can be fixed with a little realignment or something!!

Anyways Today I feel great! I’m still excited to see double figures on the scales and I know its going to happen this week and I cant contain myself LOL!!!


4 thoughts on “Another 10kg down and Doc’s appointment!

  1. You go girl!!! Simply amazing. I can’t wait to keep reading about your journey.Thank you for sharing. And I simply can’t wait for your hubby to see you again for the first time 🙂 You are so inspiring

  2. An oestopath is a ‘bone massager’ and after my birth of a 10lb9oz baby, I could barely walk due to the pelvis/coccyx and sacrum and 1 visit to the oesto I felt sooo much better!! You will look and feel like a million dollars. What does a usual eating day look like for you?

    • Oh Kirsty that sounds like heaven! I hope it does the same for me I truly do!! 🙂
      Thanks so much! RE: regarding my eating I will put up some FAQs soon as I get asked this question heaps! 🙂 keep an eye out! thanks so much hun for your support! xx

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