OMG ….ok scrap my last post…. LOOK AT THIS!!!!!









Never going back to triple figures EVER AGAIN!!!!


4.9kgs to go and I’m at the weight hubby first met me at!!!


He doesnt come back till Sept 4th – my birthday so BRING IT ON!!!!


He is going to totally be shocked!!! HEHEHE


I’m so excited I’m finally doing this for myself!!! its taken since Feb 5th 2013

76  Days   — or —   10  Weeks and  6  Days


I’m Excited !!! My Doctor is excited he said quote ” I wish all my clients were like you!” LOL!!!

My mum is excited, my sister too!!!


and all my wonderful followers and friends – I have such a great support network – ty ty!!!


HEHEHE Now next goal


95kgs by end of May! YES LETS DO THIS!!!




6 thoughts on “OMG ….ok scrap my last post…. LOOK AT THIS!!!!!

  1. you’re an inspiration to everyone. such a great achievement in such a short time. dedication, focus, positive attitude, determination, strength, hope, courage, guts and love. wow. you should be so happy with yourself. I am happy for you. I haven’t lost any weight using the food guidelines but I feel and look better (more toned )and have a more positive attitude about my food choices and what I should eat. (no binge or eating because Im eg. depressed) for me that’s a great thing. all the best.

    • Awesome work Sharon and I’m soo glad you are a follower xxx one step at a time and we will all get there! 🙂 I will definitely be happy when I’m closer to goal weight lol ! 🙂

  2. I am SOOOOOO excited for you!! Like literally check up on you everyday just so i can hear more about your progress 🙂 You are such an inspiration!! Cannot wait til the big day arrives!

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