We are all human!

So the last few days have been quiet for me around social media…


Well I had my mum and my stepdad arrive on Wednesday night 24th April and was busy busy busy, sooo what happened??



Exercise went out the window – although we walked to the shops and around the shops and home again and although I did some gardening and cleaning etc I still didnt exercise like I normally do!


My eating well – lets just say I did extremely well but could have done ALOT better – but lets face it we are all human

My naughty things

Alcohol – Baileys and milk on 3 nights

Food- Small amount of hot chips on one night – I actually enjoyed these I had a massive piece of lovely fresh barra cooked in the oven in foil and I had tongs and grabbed a pinch of hot chips! I was happy with this!

half a regular Nachos – really felt sick eating this as the cheese and everything just was not normal! – never again!

some biscuits – probably about 10 over the 7 day period

LOADS more coffee and tea than I would normally drink – although still I didnt have ANY sugar in them so still pleased at this!!

Tacos – with clean wraps and everything except a sprinkle of cheese and sour cream

Everything I cooked was pretty much clean! I was very happy and proud!


So today I looked at the scales 104.3 – YIKES! that was scary how quickly it happened! from 99.9 on the 22nd 😦

BUT – now normally what would happen if my mum came down….

We would get ona  bender every night – drink rum and lemonade, Sambucca, vodka mix drinks, cocktails, baileys, etc – EVERYTHING!

We would at least have takeout 3 times in the night, like pizza and fish and chips and indian or chinese.

We would probably have lots of pasta meals and roast potatoes and mash etc…

So I would have to say a massive improvement!

Any regrets?? – Nope! I think I did really well and I can only improve for next time!!

In the end we are all human and sometimes its going to be hard for you and you will probably slip up – this is the 2nd time I have slipped up and its always when I’m with my mum!! LOL 🙂

BUT you cant dweall on it people!

See I have realised I want it more badly than before!!! So it hasnt changed my mind

Plan of Action

This week get 100% strict again! Because I cant wait I WANT THIS!!!

Start preparing my meals for the Juice Detox that begins on Monday 6th – Let me know if you want to join!! – 5 days juicing – you need a blender and a juicer! (so on the weekend eat lighter meals fish and salad etc)

Exercise MORE! hell yes I have missed you Exercise!! and cant wait !!

When to start!

NOW!!! not tomorrow not monday – NOW! Today is the day I’m going to kick arse this afternoon!! Whats your plan of action! 🙂

95kgs HERE I COME!!!!!



7 thoughts on “We are all human!

  1. I wish I could get in the same headspace as you! My husband was travelling for work also though has been home since we got married in November last year and put me right off track enjoying dinners out, Christmas etc in turn putting on 8kgs. So upsetting though really need to get in the same space as you. I am going to do the juice thing with you from Monday so should be a good boost for me and will hopefully stay on track. I love how positive you are, its very refreshing. Good Luck!

    • So glad to hear you are joining in my detox! Are you on my facebook detox group too if not would you like to join?? Those 8kgs can come off just as quick hun I have dropped 20kgs in 2.5months! and this week I have worked all the crap off that happened when my mum was here – have you ever talked to your partner about this? is he fit and healthy too? would he like to be if he isnt? He will support you I just know it! 🙂 even if you just have to omit some things when you cook meals for him just take away the bad stuff for you – you can do this babe!!! xxxx

  2. No I’m not in your group. What would I need to do? I have a total of 15kgs I would like to lose and have signed up to Michelle Bridges 12WBT so hopefully I will see good results but will do the detox for a boost before I start the week after.
    Yeah he really isn’t interested, he is slim and burns off any extra kgs in just days (don’t you hate that). I think he would be ok eating the meals on the meal plans I will get from 12WBT as long as they aren’t boring he will eat them. I know, Iwaste so much time trying that if I just stuck to it for a good 3-4 months I would have been at my goal years ago. Thanks!

    • nothing its free – only works if you have facebook though its right here …
      this one starts on the 6th May But you are welcome to just do it anytime its just a place where people can communicate and post up pics of their juicy creations etc 🙂 xx
      Goodluck with Michelle B! 🙂

      lucky him sounds like my hubby with his metabolism – my hubby doesnt know what I’m doing now though so he will probably be in for a shock with me and my new lifestyle LOL!!!

      keep your chin up you can do it !! xxxx

  3. your blog is an inspiration! I’ve only read a few posts but I love it! great work girl keep it up!! xxx

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