Week 13 Begins~

My mum died when she saw me ! and couldn’t stop staring! she was ecstatic!


She said for the first 3 days every day how proud she was how good i looked the compliments just kept coming and coming!!! She just said its unreal and even my step dad noticed a massive difference he was soo proud too! 🙂


So plan of action –

100% clean and eating lighter meals on the 4th and 5th ready for Detox on the 6th for 5 days!


30mins Cardio

Weights session – 3-5 days this week

30mins cardio again

Crunches, Bridge Chest Press and other goodies! will record each day this week I want to be held accountable!


Oh and guess what!! Everyone has been begging me to start an instagram account! and so I have!! I’m so excited !! who is an instagram user??


OH and I have over 50 followers!!! my gosh this is completely AMAZING!!! Thanks soooo much for your support!!!

95 kgs here I come!!! Working my butt off now!! yeeehaaaaa


No more disturbances!!!








4 thoughts on “Week 13 Begins~

  1. This is my first time following a weight loss blog and I’m really enjoying your posts. Thanks for being an inspiration 🙂

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