5 Day Juice Detox

The Detox I am using has been designed and prepared by Jason Vale and his Team
Jason is such an inspirational person in my life – he is so passionate about his work he is definitely the Juicemaster!
One day when I have lots of money (didn’t you know we will all have lots of money ONE DAY! ) I will be visiting his juicy oasis resorts!
You can find more information on Jason Vale and his juicy life here http://juicemaster.com/ – I have 3 of his books and will be adding more to my collection soon!
Hope you enjoy and thanks Jason!



3 thoughts on “5 Day Juice Detox

  1. Hi! I have been very inspired by you and I am following you on FB, Instagram and your blog 🙂

    The detox looks interesting – how do you think the juices would be if I prepared them the night before. I work Monday to Friday and would have to take the juices to work with me. I am keen to give the detox a try though!


    • hey hunny

      thanks so much for your kind words!! pop them into an airtight container and straight into the freezer!! then just pull them out and take them with you in the morning – that way they will be chilled and defrosted and ready to go xxx

  2. Hi! Just started the detox yesterday…going good so far! I do feel a bit hungry but like you said, I have to remind myself that I do not need to eat! Leaving for Cuba this coming Saturday and hoping to see some results 🙂 How much did you lose doing the detox? Thanks!!!

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