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Where to start…..

I’m married to an officer who is currently serving in Afghanistan and wont be back for at least  6 more months…. Yahooo….  …(WHATTTT!!! Yahoo – is she crazy I would die if that was my hubby… ) – well this is a massive gift to myself – I needed the time to focus on me and change me… and of course hubby I’m sure wont mind!! I miss him VERY much – and I love him with all my heart but what can you do! When the Army calls – you have to listen 🙂

Well anyways!!  I have 6 months  to get my life sorted! I started this on Feb 5th – my journey to ‘make my dream reality’…. Whats the dream you ask??

My Dream:  

“To be happy with myself, to go shopping and wear any clothes I want not clothes that only fit me!… To be at least a size 12 and then from there – reassess! I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I want a healthy BMI and I want to do alot of this before hubby comes back…and then to help others who have been here in this spot like me…”

I don’t ask for much do I!!! – Well lets get started its now 17th March 2013 and I have decided I want to share this with you all – and somewhere where I can also record my progress – I need as much support as possible so ifyou have read this much PLEASE COMMENT ! I would love to hear from you – words are a powerful tool, they can hurt, they can make you cry, they can make you love and they can make you happy.

Progress so far…. My starting weight was 120kgs – YIKES! yes I know for anyone who is smaller than this going OH MY GOD – I know!! I’m doing it too and for anyone who is bigger than this and not happy… please follow me I will help you as much as I can.. Everyone has to start somewhere..! So I have lost 12kgs at the moment

12kgs!!! in 5 and a half weeks! – I’m STOKED!!! I’m happy – this is WORKING….. is it a diet… NO…. is it a replacement meal plan… NO… is it Lap Band Surgery… NO… am I starving myself… NO!

All I am doing is eating ‘Clean, unprocessed foods, cut out all refined sugar, VERY little carbs (if any)’

and Exercising for at least 1 hr 5 times a week… (but at the moment I’m smashing this and exercising more hehe 🙂 I think I’m addicted now! )

Well – this is a blog about my progress, recipes I personally USE, not just fancy dancy ones! – Information about why I do things, eat things, etc – and other great information on how our body works from research I do on the net – myself. I will also try and provide many tips and tricks to keep this new lifestyle simple, intriguing and full of variety!

I’m in NO WAY – a dietician. a GP or a Nutritionalist…. just a simple stay at home Mum to 1…so please if you arent sure about something ask your doctor…! I’m doing what I feel is best for me – and its working…!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments of posts etc and I will be happy to try and answer them too! I’m hoping one day my blog helps at least 1 person – if I can succeed with one person! Then all this will be sooo worth it!

Signing out for now…




PS: from this day backwards in my blog posts – they are copied from a forum that I originally posted in… From this day onward they will be new and fresh 🙂


24 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you Pam soo much!! 🙂 I really appreciate your feedback!! I have soo long to go and I really hope to achieve alot of it this year and one day hope to inspire others!! 🙂 thinking positive thoughts all the time – its deifnitely all in the brain!! I went from a 5 cups of tea/coffee a day with 2 tsps of sugar in each to NO sugar! it took 3 weeks of training my brain then I did it cold turkey! I completely enjoy the REAL food flavour now and appreciate everything that I make! What a difference its made my life! I just want to shout it to the world LOL!! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting I cant believe people are actually visiting my blog and care! I’m in awe! its amazing how lovely strangers can be! 🙂 so thankyou honestly!

  1. Well done, this is amazing!! i am in the same boat, i want to do this for me!! hard at times due to some emotional factors but im slowly getting there!!! keep going

    • Thanks Kellie!! very much – your words mean alot its so nice to have complete strangers drop by and comment or help out!! I truly appreciate it !! you can do it too hun!! Do you have a blog etc? Take care would love to hear from you again 🙂

  2. You are inspirational 🙂 So glad you’ve taken your partner being away as a negative and turning it straight into a positive. My partner is Army too so i know how you feel. Good on you 🙂

  3. i feel ur pain of missing ur hubby mine works away at the mines and its so hard and its been getting me down the distance between us has created some issues as of recently which have knocked me down and i have been finding it super hard to get back up again, really hard actually. today i started small i made sure i ate some breakfast mind you it wasnt clean it was vegemite toast so not too bad but i figured hey at least i managed to actually eat something today, i resisted temptation at lunch time and had some fried rice with lots of veggies in it and water to drink ( this is huge for me as normally its coke) and then tonight made ashy’s sausage rolls and salad and enjoyed it so small baby steps just hope i can stick to it.

    im seeking counselling for the emotional side of things and hope it will really help me to stay focused and on track thanks for sharing your journey too its nice to know there are people in similar situations and who are similar in size to me

    • Hey Skye, – you can do this hun, I’m not sure the issues you have with your partner etc but I can guarantee that if you focus on yourself and making the changes in your life you need to better you then everything else will fall into place, you really need to do these things for you too xx I’m always here if you ever want a chat my email is chubbymummy86 (at) gmail.com if you want to talk more privately too. You have to believe in yourself – you are able to be the person you want to be… ! Small baby steps is what will get you through to achieving the bigger hurdles xxx

  4. Skye, you might find it helps to add some really good probiotics, and maybe take tryptophan at night before bed. Along with inflammation and weight gain, its starting to look like an imbalance of organisms in the intestines can also lead to social anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Good luck to you kiddo!

  5. O CM I am so grateful to have the chance to look in on your adventure. I am so impressed with your commitment to take care of your self in this challenging situation and its wonderful to follow your activities. I loved seeing your bouquet of veggies and fruits. I am looking forward to the farmers market here. Its not all organic but the certified ones are good. I have been following John G. for a few years and while I have not lost weight I have been able to keep up good eating habits and exercise in a challenging situation that would certainly have been much worse had I gained weight. I will set up the mp3 to listen to the morning and night meditation again since that reallllly got me through about four months of hard core physical discomfort. Just the freedom of imagining my ideal body and feeling the joy of movement again really helped. Take care and I really thank you so very much for sharing what you are doing 🙂

    • Would I be imposing to ask what situation you are currently in?? I would love to get to know my followers/supporters more! It sounds like you have an inability to do some things but I think its really great that your so positive and still helping yourself where others may have given up or failed. it makes you all the stronger! I definitely like JG’s visualization techniques – my mum has always taught me this from when we were little kids so it was natural to follow JG’s words of advise when I heard him saying similar things! I havent listened to the MP3 player yet but I did become part of the hungry for change mastery program so I was able to get all those goodies as part of the bonus pack – and the full interviews of all the rest… I’m so excited – its not just about losing weight and being healthy for me – its because I want to experience a life I’ve never been able to have and I’m finally getting there ! I know it will take time – but I’m spent SOOOO LONGGGGG being in the dark – I WANT to be in the sun.. I want to wear lovely clothes not just clothes that fit… and I love the fact I know that all I’m putting into my body is nutrition – its my whole view on life now its just changed like snapped from watching one documentary! I find it hard to accept that some people just dont care about it, and others just dont know! I try and recruit everyone I can to watch the hungry for change doco… it has literally changed my life forever. xx I want to keep a record of my progress and thoughts to maybe help others, inspire or motivate….even if its just 1 person I help 2 years down the track – it will be worth it! xxx Thanks sooo much for being part of my journey.. Also you seem sooo very knowledged on health etc have you studied it at all is it your profession?

  6. Are you able to see my email? I am happy to discuss what I am doing in private but I am not as brave as you to share all the deets in public lol…kate8coach@yahoo.com, just in case you don’t see my log in information. As far as training, I have taken one college class in nutrition in order to fulfill prerequisites for a program I was interested in. My mom has a degree in nutrition and used to plan the school lunches for the California school lunch program. While many nutritionists currently have access to a lot of very helpful information, the food industry in this country is very politicized and the information from those sources is not very reliable. Obviously, their advice is of limited help since 92-96% of people trying to loose weight and keep it off cannot do so. I did find the window of action that allowed me to maintain a healthy weight for ten years before my dad died in the span of a few months of cancer. Then I gained 50 lbs in six weeks…….its a great hope to me that I can use John’s techniques to unravel the message my body received that fat meant safety, family, and sharing. I can give you more about my story if you don’t mind email. Also, you might want to disregard my experiences at this point and really ride that wave you are on right now!!! you are on the right track for freedom and joy for your self! 🙂 I am really looking forward to the spring produce coming in soon on this side of the globe! peace be with you, and keep on keeping on!

  7. Such an exciting and inspirational journey. Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to hear how ur husband reacts. Keep up the good work:-)

  8. Well done honey. A true inspiration. You deserve this time to take care of yourself…. You will truly blow your husbands mind when he gets home… Keep up the good work…

    • Kylie I really hope so!!! thanks soo much for stopping by I love hearing every ones feedback!! I’m in shock at the support I have been receiving off strangers its sooo great ❤ ❤ xxx

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