Clean Tomato, Garlic and Herb Sauce

I Bought Roma Tomatoes – for those with a food processor you can leave the skins on and skip straight to processing steps but if you don’t have a processor I suggest you follow the steps below..

Big pot boiling hot – Ice bucket cold…. washed tomato’s ready to go – I bought these Roma’s from my veggie store for $1.50 a kilo (I would say 3-5kg its up to you!)

Place tomatoes in pot for 2 mins each and then pop them straight into the ice bucket – the skin will crack so you can peel it off easy peasy. I did this in batches Smile

Here is the ice cracking the tomato skins see it peeling off ??

Once all the skins are peeled throw it into a processor then remove the small handful of hard chunks (usually light reddy/yellow stalky bits)

Then pop it into a big pot – if you don’t have a food processor slices the tomato’s up into 1/4s or smaller and pop them all in a pot
as they cook they will begin to break down and get soft and mushy into a puree form…

add whatever herbs you like.. in this case my herbs were – basil, oregano, garlic, marjoram, parsley and thyme, you can just use the first 3 if that is what you have handy… (its all about taste testing!) I do add a little bit of salt but you can omit to keep it clean!  But really it doesn’t hurt – Also some pepper… mmm 🙂

When it warms through and you bring it to a boil turn it down to a simmer and wait for the herbs to infuse then taste test and add more if needed…. then you are going to reduce the sauce (for those who dont know it means to bring the amount of liquid in the sauce down) so by cooking it the liquid will get absorbed or evaporate – This ending up with a thick rich tomato base. Great for Clean dishes such as spag bol, lasagne, and chicken parmigiana to name a few (will be doing these recipes coming up soon !!Smile)  Keep reducing till its at a consistency your happy with if it gets too thick just add some water.

NOTE: can be frozen – into portions and then thawed out for use later on!! 🙂 Use it with the Nutty Meatball Recipe I have (CLICK HERE)


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