My Progress

ok sooo its now the 20th April – this is going to be updated every time I reach a major goal

As you may or may not know – hubby is fighting overseas in Afghanistan – I dont know exactly when he will be back but I think it will be around my birthday sooo my weightloss whilst he has been away is a complete secret ! šŸ™‚

Feb 5th 2013– Starting weight 120kgs (left pic) (right pic taken 16th April 2013)

April 20th 2013 – Today I weighed: 101kgs

September 4th 2013 – Hubby returns home – fingers crossed




Goal Weight before hubby returns home – 90kgs – ultimate goal weight before he returns home 80kgs


Ultimate Goal Weight for me – 60kgs – HALF my starting body weight!


AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I CAN DO THIS Ā – I’m sooo damn excited, commited and devoted to this! šŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “My Progress

  1. Wow! You are doing so fantastic! Well done.. I need to lose 20kg, but am lacking any motivation.
    Hopefully reading your blog will help get my butt going:)
    Look forward to reading and watching you transform!

    • Thanks Ree and you can do it hun!! read the very first couplr of blogs of mine and hopefully that will get you started! its soo good once you are on track! you will get there promise! xx

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