The Detox

Why is juicing so popular?
Because it works! Not just for healthy rapid weight loss, but for every aspect of health. We are not talking about chemical shakes here, but the beautiful nutrient filled liquid found within the fibres of all fruits and vegetables. It is only the juice contained with the fibres that feeds you, fibre cannot penetrate through the intestinal wall, so you get 100% of the nutrition direct into your cells.

What are the main health benefits apart from weight loss of juicing? 
Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are good for your hair, skin, nails, eyes, energy levels and every aspect of your well-being. Natural Juice Therapy is becoming more and more recognised as a great alternative to drug based therapy for many common aliments and health conditions. I have received emails claiming benefits to many different conditions, especially insomnia, lethargy, stress, depression, skin, arthritis, IBS and asthma.

Some critics say juicing is just a quick fix to lose weight fast which means you’ll put it straight back on, and also that it leaves them feeling hungry. How do you respond to that?

I have received tens of thousands of testimonials from people who have not simply lost huge amounts of weight in short amounts of time, but who have gone on to hit their target weights and keep the weight off. The key is the right ‘coaching’ along with the right juice programme.

For this plan you will need:
•    To look at the shopping list (and buy all your fruit and veg in one go
•    Buy or borrow a good quality blender. I recommend the Philips range.
•    Make and drink four juices a day plus an SOS hunger card if you need it you can snack on half an avocado or sugar snap peas
•    Drink lots of water and herbal tea with Manuka honey if you have a sweet tooth

Jason also recommends exercise throughout the plan to boost your metabolism and weight loss. Aim for an hour a day of anything that makes you sweaty! I did 1/2 cardio in the morning and 1/2 cardio in the night both HIIT! and remember its only for 5 days!!!

Also the Juices are given to you at certain times throughout the day so some days feel free to make them ahead of schedule and freeze them… The first juice is at 10am! Next Juice at 1pm, next at 4pm and next at 7pm.  10am and 7pm juices are exactly the same juice and thicker, and 1pm and 4pm are thin and light juices – but they all taste delicious!

If you follow this plan exactly to the ‘T’ you will see a weightloss too! – the more exercise you do the better !!! For these 5 days you are going to reap the reward of 7days of being a fat burning machine! Doesnt matter what size you are now you will see a difference and DONT hop on those scales till day 6th morning or day 7th! 🙂

Natural Teas
The only thing you will be drinking other than the juices and smoothies during the five days will be water and natural teas. I suggest any mint variety and chamomile, but the choice clearly is yours. Another great option is to buy some extra fresh mint and add a couple of stems to a cup and pour some nearly boiling water. Freshly sliced lemon and ginger with near boiling water is also a fantastic option. There is also the option to add a spoonful of honey (preferably Manuka) to your tea, so the following list is optional and flexible:

Optional extras:

Herbal tea

Hunger SOS
During the five days, depending on what you are doing and how you find the plan, you may feel the need for something extra. Each day you are allowed ONE of the following, so adjust your shopping list accordingly:



10 thoughts on “The Detox

    • Hey Kirsty, I was a completely clean eater before I started this detox and I lost 2.4kgs total. I think if you eat things like pasta, potatos bread, and sugary foods etc you would lose alot more hun 🙂 But I’m happy with what I lost and never felt hungry! 🙂 I cant wait to do it again 6th May 🙂

  1. I am clean eating but breastfeeding my 3mo at the moment, but have asked hubby for a juicer for mothers day or my birthday so I can get juicing. Will give the detox a whirl when finished feeding baby boy.

    • awesome hun!! that sounds like an awesome plan! xxx let me know when you are going to do it ! I will probably organise one every couple of months I cant believe how popular this one has become! I have 70 members on my 5 day facebook group! 🙂 amazing xxxx goodluck

  2. This sounds awesome thank you for sharing! I was just wondering though did the weight you lost during the detox come back once you started eating normal meals again?

    • haha honestly I cant really remember But I’m doing it again this week starting tomorrow so will try to remember for you! 🙂

      Also – if you are only going to juice for one day like that youll never get the benefit – that first day yu are experiencing the detoxification process! by wed/thursday you get the juice ‘high’ and you feel alive xxx

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